Classic New England Clam Chowda

Classic New England Clam Chowda by Amos Miller

Manhattan is a red soup, New England is a white chowder, and ours is a buttery yellow. This is the simplest, most satisfying chowder I have ever had. NO FLOUR! I really get irritated when I try a "good" restaurant's NE Clam Chowder and 1) can't find the clams, and, 2) can't finish the paste they are passing off as NE Clam…

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Chicken Soup to Live For!

Chicken Soup to Live For! by Amos Miller

Common, nourishing, fast & easy - unbelievably fragrant, a dish anyone can make and serve. This is a soup, "to live for"! A perfect 'comfort food'. Try this recipe just once and it will become your standard for the ultimate chicken soup recipe. I will tell you how we make it, then you can improvise to suit your pantry, your…

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Pea Soup with Stew Beef

Pea Soup with Stew Beef by Judy Fisher

This is a modification of Parker's Pea Soup from Ina Garten using stew beef. My family loves this on a cool evening in Fall and Winter. Serve with crusty bread or challah and a salad. Definite comfort food. This recipe can be vegetarian using water instead of stock and leaving out the stew beef.

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Garlic Herbed Sweet Potatoes

Garlic Herbed Sweet Potatoes by Amos Miller

TRY THIS AT EASTER - it is a signature dish! It is sweet and savory with fresh herbs, dairy products and chicken broth. This is a North Carolina recipe, naturally healthy and rich in beta-carotene, the most common plant source of vitamin A. But who cares! This is delicious, even if it is good for you...besides, sweet potatoes…

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