Piña Colada Cupcakes

Piña Colada Cupcakes by Krystina Castella

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Vegetable Sizzlers

Vegetable Sizzlers by karenrecipe

The chain was founded in 1958 as Del’s Sizzler Family Steak House by Del and Helen Johnson in Culver City, California. The chain is composed of more than 270 locations throughout the U.S. Most of Sizzler’s U.S. locations are in the West.

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Tex Mex Guacamole with Serrano & Jalapeno Peppers

Tex Mex Guacamole with Serrano & Jalapeno Peppers by Wendi Taylor

A delicious treat that can be served as a topping for tacos or taco salad, a dip for corn chips, a spread for tortillas or pita bread, or on a bed of shredded lettuce as a salad in itself.

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Slow Cooker Maple Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Slow Cooker Maple Pumpkin Spice Lattes by karenrecipe

This crowd-pleasing version of Starbucks' popular fall favorite can be made in a slow cooker or on the stove top.

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Grilled Fish Tacos

Grilled Fish Tacos by Salad Foodie

Tangy avocado salsa and grilled fish in a warm tortilla make for a much healthier fish taco than the usual restaurant variety. This recipe is based on one from Bill Phillips Eating for Life, though I had to sub a few ingredients due to what I had on hand. Too cold to grill outdoors, I used the counter top grill. No swordfish or tuna,…

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Krabby Poppers

Krabby Poppers by Patti Fisher

Friends wanted a recipe for appetizers that were fancy and cheap, too. Everyone loves our different kinds of poppers. We’ve stuffed both sweet and jalapeno peppers with all kinds of fillings. Of course, they’re always wrapped with bacon. This time Patti stuffed pretty, sweet peppers with fake crab (aka Surimi, but you can use real…

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Mexican Pozole I (Posole)

Mexican Pozole I (Posole) by Salad Foodie

A hominy stew with pork or chicken, this soup can usually be found where Mexican food is popular. Has a nice “heat” to it, and as with most stews, flavors enhance next day. This recipe is based on one from the Las Palmas website and requires about 1 hour of cooking. A second version of posole is posted (see "Useful Links" below.)

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3 Ingredient Smoked Ham

3 Ingredient Smoked Ham by Patti Fisher

We had a request for an extra easy ham dinner. So, we made a ham with just three ingredients including the ham! It was extra simple and extra delicious. The sweet comes from brown sugar. The spicy comes from the mustard. Ken prefers the horseradish or jalapeno mustard, Patti likes the spicy brown or Dijon. Patti and I have set one…

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Baked Garlic Wings

Baked Garlic Wings by Claudia lamascolo

the sauce on these are amazing! Love my garlic wings baked... check them out!

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Slow Smoked Carnitas

Slow Smoked Carnitas by Patti Fisher

Ken Fisher September 15, 2018 Camp Cooking/Tailgating / Cast Iron / Our Recipes / Pork 6 Comments Slow Smoked CarnitasSlow Smoked Carnitas Slow Smoked Carnitas, we love a good Carnitas and all the different ways to enjoy it. I think this is the best Carnitas I have ever enjoyed much less made. The meat was so…

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Southwest Chicken Chili

Southwest Chicken Chili by Claudia lamascolo

Here is a great one pot chili with a little Southwest Flair

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Easy Sausage Pierogi Bake

Easy Sausage Pierogi Bake by Patti Fisher

Ken wanted macaroni and cheese made meaty with sausage. Patti had an “aha” moment because frozen pierogies are something we always have on hand, plus Ken just cold smoked lots of our favorite kinds of cheese. To make it extra easy we used jars of Alfredo sauce and to make it extra tasty we used Swimmin’ in Smoke Booty Shake Seasoning.…

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Fuzzy Navel Cheesecake

Fuzzy Navel Cheesecake by Henry Moline

This is a fun and delicious cheesecake. It can also be the talk of the party.

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Mexican Pozole II (Posole)

Mexican Pozole II (Posole) by Salad Foodie

This is the second installment on my mission to try different methods of making pozole. It has similar ingredients as the first one I posted (see “Useful Links” below), is less spicy and requires a longer cook time. Here are some things I liked about this one: (1) ease of preparation - just dump everything in the pot (2) a generous…

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Hunter's Chili

Hunter's Chili by Windle Grissett

"The only thing certain about the origins of chili is that it did not originate in Mexico...Chili, as we know it in the U.S., cannot be found in Mexico today except in a few spots which cater to tourists. If chili had come from Mexico, it would still be there. For Mexicans, especially those of Indian ancestry, do not change their…

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