Stir Fry Meets Jambalaya

Stir Fry Meets Jambalaya by Cara Fernicola

This is a fusion of 2 great classics, Stir Fry and Jambalaya. This dish is an overload on flavor. The chorizo is the star of this dish, it lends a kick of heat and also infuses and flavors the rest of the dish with its spicy oils. I must pat myself on the back for this one... its a keeper!

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Mandrin Cranberry Chick'n Lettuce Wraps

Mandrin Cranberry Chick'n Lettuce Wraps by Victoria Prehn

Using Gardein’s Mandrin Crispy Chick’n, I was able to quickly re-purpose my Thanksgiving leftovers into something fresh, flavorful & low in calories!

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