Blu Jam Cafe's Goulash

Blu Jam Cafe's Goulash by Nancy Miyasaki

We were served this by my good friend Marci Chan who is an awesome cook. It's good comfort food. Not too spicy, perfect for a cold winter day and for kids who like delicious, mild food. This recipe was adapted from Chef Kamil Majer of Blu Jam Cafe. Equal amounts of hot and sweet Hungarian paprika were used; adjust the paprika to…

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Chinese Pepper Steak

Chinese Pepper Steak by Rocio Herbert

A long time favorite of our family.

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Venison Spaghetti

Venison Spaghetti by Sacora

This recipe can be made with low-fat ground beef. Venison has very little fat, but it has a gamey flavor that many are not accustomed to. Cooking it with tomato helps to disguise the wild-flavor.

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Beef Barley Soup

Beef Barley Soup by David Brian Ankenbauer

This is a soup I have made for nearly 25 years. I created it myself playing around.It is very simple to make. The Frank's Hot Sauce is my "Buffalo" version, it adds a bite to the soup but not an overwhelming heat.

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