Smokinhot's Wingz and Things

Smokinhot's Wingz and Things by Smokinhotchef

Wings gone haywire!! Everyone needs a good and spicy hot wing in their lives at some point!! Along with the heat however, you also want flavor to boot. Great with beer and friends and family, not necessarily in that order, wings are as American as apple pie. The longer you let them marinate, the racier they become. Take your wingz…

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Crusty Fried Salmon Planks

Crusty Fried Salmon Planks by Smokinhotchef

Growing up, my mom would often create recipes from different types of canned fish for breakfast. She was a master at preparing the meal complete with homemade biscuits( if we didn't have bread for toast), prepping our school clothes, ironing our dad's, and managing to get herself ready and out the door by 6:30 am. Aside from being…

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Herb Flecked Venison Burgers

Herb Flecked Venison Burgers by Smokinhotchef

One of the best things about rural country living is the access and availability of wild game. Venison nourished the early settlers and Indians in days of olde. Venision makes for a terrific meal and it is a sustainable food source. Lean and earthy, venison can be substituted for any red meat and cut as well! As a part of my live…

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Sesame Ginger Chicken w/ Carrots and Jasmine Rice

Sesame Ginger Chicken w/ Carrots and Jasmine Rice by Smokinhotchef

In a word Schwing! This is another installment of my take on Chinese take-out fare at home. Loads of flavor and a virtual playground for the taste-buds. Caution: DO try this at home!!! Crowd pleasing on a budget's and your family won't believe it's homemade!

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Broccoli Casse Rolls

Broccoli Casse Rolls by Smokinhotchef

Two super delicious recipes combined into one Uber-delicious creation. Broccoli casserole is an indulgent favorite of my family's. Egg rolls are a go-to in any Chinese restaurant and all out crunchy goodness. Further, egg rolls are easy to handle and just scream DIP ME! I wanted to come up with something familiar yet different,…

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Country Fried Chicken Gizzards

Country Fried Chicken Gizzards by Smokinhotchef

From the familiar to the not so much! There has always been a push to waste nothing in lieu of sustaining life and feeding one's family. In that quest, we entertain all aspects of and parts of animals as possible fuel for the body. Offal and sweet breads have been on the tables of fine dining restaurants for many a year with…

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Brownie's Lip Smakin' Snackin Wingz

Brownie's Lip Smakin' Snackin Wingz by Smokinhotchef

Poultry and spicy foods are two things a lot of us love and generally never get tired of eating. I named this recipe after my daughter Bronwyn (Brownie) because one evening she 'placed an order' and I came up with the wing sauce as per her request. She asked for "hot wings" but her hot and my hot are not one in the same. I found a…

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Crazy Crunchy Jumbo Shrimp

Crazy Crunchy Jumbo Shrimp by Smokinhotchef

There's nothing wimpy 'bout these shrimpys. Amazing flavor and super crispity crunch in this recipe that's perfect for any occasion. These morsels get a power packed boost from a complex yet simple marinade that's simply out of this world. Try to eat just one- I dare you.!! Three or four of these bad boys will easily stand in as a…

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Crispy Triple Cheese n' Chorizo Jalepeno Poppers

Crispy Triple Cheese n' Chorizo Jalepeno Poppers by Smokinhotchef

This recipe is an adaptation from a recipe featured in Saveur no. 144. I made these jalepenos uniquely my own by adding Pecorino Romano and Monterey Jack and Colby blend as well as fresh cooked chorizo. I also added smoked paprika and roasted coriander for intensity and complexity. Further, I serve these Jalepenos with a sweet…

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spicy grilled cheese

spicy grilled cheese by linda brewer

lunch or appetizer this is quick and easy with a kick! mix and match other ingredients ham or other luncheon meat bacon diced shrimp mixed cheeses

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Fresh homade tortilla chips restaurant style

Fresh homade tortilla chips restaurant style by dp

This is the way all Mexican restaurants make their chips you all love so much enjoy ...

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