ADAS RISHTA Ramadan Appetizer

ADAS RISHTA Ramadan Appetizer by AbbiesJones

Ramadan Recipe from Nestle Family. Balanced and nutrient rich recipe for the holy ramadan fasting month

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Mango- Banana Smoothie Recipe

Mango- Banana Smoothie Recipe by swati paathak

Smoothies are the best way to enjoy fruits. This smoothie is as delicious as breakfast but also serves well as an afternoon snack or even a frosty dessert. Mango banana smoothie is a thick, creamy and tasty smoothie.

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Kukuye Sabzi

Kukuye Sabzi by Phyllis Smith

From a wonderful Book, in a Persian Kitchen by Maideh Mazda So easy healthy and delicious.

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Bulgur and Bean Salad

Bulgur and Bean Salad by Salad Foodie

Bulgur is classified as a whole grain and makes a healthy and satisfying vegetarian meal or a side to grilled meats. We like the light nutty flavor it lends to recipes. I always keep #2 medium grind bulgur on hand whenever tabbouleh, pilaf or salads such as this beckon me. To enjoy the best array of flavors this salad has to offer,…

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Hummus by Frosted Flaker

This is a great snack for any time of year. I personally serve it with Kalamata olives and sometimes even diced cucumber and/or bell pepper. Keep in mind that after blending, fine-tuning the mixture with slightly more tahini and/or lemon juice is often needed (see step 3). As a footnote, tahini is what gives the hummus its creamy…

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Lebanese kibbeh

Lebanese kibbeh by Easy Cook - Laka kuharica

These delicious and simple patties are an easy version of the traditional Lebanese kibbeh.

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Iranian Rice

Iranian Rice by Kyra Martin

It's a little labor intensive, but totally worth it. This is probably the best rice I've ever had! Adapted from

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Easy Persian Rice in a Rice Cooker

Easy Persian Rice in a Rice Cooker by John Spottiswood

Admittedly, this doesn't capture the crunch outside of the normal method of making persian rice. But if you are just looking for a fluffy and buttery rice to serve with a stew or tagine, this works wonderfully and is super easy.

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Pakal by alaafared

Is a recipe for winter is nutritious and easy consisting of boiled beans well, oil, eggs and bitter orange juice and bread clip into small pieces

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Garlic Hummus

Garlic Hummus by Amanda Natividad

Some recipes call for too much tahini. Others try too hard and call for red bell peppers or sun-dried tomatoes. I prefer to keep it simple: chickpeas and tahini, with lots of garlic and lemon juice. Oh, and a dash of olive oil to keep it creamy. Use it as a sandwich spread or dipping sauce.

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Forget the Tahini Baba Ganoush

Forget the Tahini Baba Ganoush by Mellie Duffy

I like to make baba this time of year with the wonderful selection of eggplants, but I don't keep tahini on hand, it can be hard to find & is costly. This is a recipe without the tahini that my friends & family enjoy.

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Bulgur Pilaf

Bulgur Pilaf by Salad Foodie

Faster and easier to cook than rice, bulgur is a grain to consider for making pilaf. High in fiber and low in fat makes this side dish a healthful choice. Easily converts to vegetarian by omitting the chicken broth. (Medium to large grind bulgur will be best for this recipe.)

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Eggplant Dip Recipe - Baba Ganoush

Eggplant Dip Recipe - Baba Ganoush by Sidrah

Baba Ganoush, a Middle Eastern eggplant dip, is very similar to hummus, except it is made with eggplant. If you like eggplants, like me, you will definitely make this a staple dish. I cook it often and use it as a dip (for snacks) or meals in between the main meals.

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Lasagna by Carolinaheartstrings

The Husband is delighted this month because it is International recipe month at Carolina HeartStrings and I decided to make one of his favorite things, lasagna. Nothing fancy, just an easy, always tasty recipe, not an authentic Italian recipe I know, but it is delicious! My mother was a great cook and made all kinds of dishes,…

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Classic Sesame Butter Tahini

Classic Sesame Butter Tahini by Tomer Treves

Classic Middle Eastern Tahini is made with sesame butter. Use premium organic sesame butter for the perfect nutty flavor. Healthy and delicious.

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