Mafroum - Moroccan Stuffed Potatoes

Mafroum - Moroccan Stuffed Potatoes by Miriam Kresh

Potatoes stuffed delicately with meat and herbs and simmered in a rich tomato sauce.

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Tashreeb (an Iraqi Dish)

Tashreeb (an Iraqi Dish) by miansari66

Tashreeb is a delicious , balanced and nutritious dish of Iraq. I dedicate my this recipe to the Foodista team.

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Feiny's Matzah Ball Soup

Feiny's Matzah Ball Soup by Chef Feiny

One of my favorite soups to make.....As a little boy I used to visit my Bubbie/ Great Grandma Ruth and would stay in the kitchen with her learning different techniques and cooking styles....To this day I make the soup the same way she taught me at the age of 5.

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My Delicious Secret Natural Hummus Recipe

My Delicious Secret Natural Hummus Recipe by jason

I made a secret hummus recipe and am sharing it. while living in Israel I learned much about middle eastern foods and the spices that grow and are being used in that part of the world. It was not unusual to see people get out of a car and walk to an empty field to pick spices. As a youngster growing up in the USA I did not like…

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Sholeh Zard _ Saffron Rice Pudding

Sholeh Zard _ Saffron Rice Pudding by Mozhi Habibi

This is a saffron rose water rice pudding. It is served as desert in room temperature or cold. It is Yummy and a favorite of all ages.

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Garbanzo Bean Spread

Garbanzo Bean Spread by Desert Panz

So, I was looking for an easy meal to make for a lazy Friday night. I poked around the various vegan and vegetarian recipe sites. Came across spreads and found garbanzo bean spreads. Read several of the recipes and decided to make it but with our favorite ingredients. One time I paired the spread with homemade french fries.…

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ADAS RISHTA Ramadan Appetizer

ADAS RISHTA Ramadan Appetizer by AbbiesJones

Ramadan Recipe from Nestle Family. Balanced and nutrient rich recipe for the holy ramadan fasting month

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