Grilled Flanken Style Korean Short Ribs (Galbi or Kalbi)

Grilled Flanken Style Korean Short Ribs (Galbi or Kalbi) by John Spottiswood

I adapted this recipe from one in Bon Appetit and another from Chef John ( Chef John recommended blending an asian pear into the marinade to help tenderize the meat. I didn't have an asian pear, so I substituted a fuji apple and reduced the sugar slightly. I thought the resulting marinade, and ribs, were…

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Korean Extra Crispy Fried Chicken w Sweet Spicy Glaze

Korean Extra Crispy Fried Chicken w Sweet Spicy Glaze by jason kim

Here is yet another Korean fried chicken recipe that we made recently with a sweet & spicy glaze. We have been yearning for something hot and spicy and we finally got it. The extra heat came from using Thai chili peppers (aka Bird's eye chili peppers) that we found at the local Asian market. These cute, little peppers are quite…

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Grilled Sweet Potatoes with Sesame Sauce

Grilled Sweet Potatoes with Sesame Sauce by John Spottiswood

This is a delicious healthy grilled side or main dish. In Korea, this is commonly served by street vendors, especially during the bitter winter. I enjoy it just as much during the summer. In Korea they dip the sweet potato into the sauce. I typically just split the sweet potato like a regular baked potato, and spoon the sauce over…

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Korean potato side dish

Korean potato side dish by John Spottiswood

I always love these sweet and salty braised potatoes when they are served along with kimchi and various other side dishes at korean restaurants. I've always wanted to make them, and grilling Galbi gave me the perfect opportunity. I started with a recipe from and substituted a mix of sugar and mirin for the corn syrup…

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Spicy Asian Grilled Pork Chops

Spicy Asian Grilled Pork Chops by John Spottiswood

This is an old favorite that I've made since my days living in Chicago. We lived near the main Korean part of town (near Lawrence I think) and frequently ate Bulgogi. One day I bought some boneless pork chops and tried to create my own marinade. This one is close. I do it somewhat by taste, and you can play with the quantities a…

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Gochu Jeon (Stuffed Chili Peppers)

Gochu Jeon (Stuffed Chili Peppers) by mykoreaneats

It’s been a while since I made one of the many kinds of Korean jeons, so it was only natural that I make some when I came into possession of a handful of local chili peppers. And continuing with my healthier diet and lifestyle, I decided to make this gochu jeon without any ground pork or beef. Since these particular jeons are pretty…

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Kyochon Korean Chicken

Kyochon Korean Chicken by jason kim

We love our chicken (baked, fried, grilled, sauteed, slow cooked, any way you can imagine) so the kids and I were delighted to have a taste of mommy's version of Korea's most popular fried chicken, Kyochon chicken. For anyone who has lived in Korea (well, now in California and New York too), Kyochon has a unique frying technique…

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Braised Black Cod with Daikon Radish

Braised Black Cod with Daikon Radish by Sunny Shin

It’s a fast, flavorful Korean fish dish

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Korean-Style Country Fried Steak w Sauteed Kimchi

Korean-Style Country Fried Steak w Sauteed Kimchi by mykoreaneats

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Korean Spicy Tofu

Korean Spicy Tofu by John Spottiswood

This is an easy and tasty dish to serve either as a small main course or as a side dish with other Korean food. The Korean recipe I have does not recommend serving it with lemon juice, but I think it cuts the saltiness and spiciness of the dish nicely.

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Kongjaban (Korean Sweet Black Beans)

Kongjaban (Korean Sweet Black Beans) by jason kim

Today we made a healthy side dish to counter-balance all the meat we have been eating. It's called kongjaban (Korean sweet black beans), that has been pre-soaked for a lengthy time (to aid in digestion and reduce flatulence :) and cooked in some soy sauce. It's a sweet and nutty banchan side dish, and they are filled with a good dose…

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Korean Dak Juk (Chicken Porridge)

Korean Dak Juk (Chicken Porridge) by jason kim

Though I have tried to avoid getting too personal on the blog, I must admit that this recipe has a bitter-sweet story behind it [sigh]. We are still experiencing record-breaking heat here in the Midwest (100+ weather!), and this is supposed to be the last day of the heat wave according recent weather experts. For some reason, the…

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Korean Curry Rice 카레라이스

Korean Curry Rice 카레라이스 by jason kim

The missus made one of our regular Korean meals and a favorite with the kids: Korean-style curry (pronounced karae in Korean). Though we make this dish practically every week or two, we thought posting an updated recipe would be nice because it's such an awesome family dish. The best thing about Korean curry (either in powder or block…

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Gamja Jorim (Korean Glazed Potatoes)

Gamja Jorim (Korean Glazed Potatoes) by jason kim

Gamja jorim (Korean glazed potatoes) is another banchan (side dish) that we made recently that is appealing for its sweet taste and ease of cooking. It can either be made a little sweeter or spicier (with more red pepper flakes) so it appeals to both kids and adults alike (and foreigners too). Also, making them in large amounts allow…

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Spicy Chicken Wings

Spicy Chicken Wings by Marla Nichols

Asian-influenced spicy, sweet, chicken wings.

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