Braised Fennel with White Wine

Braised Fennel with White Wine by La Tavola Marche (farm, inn & cooking school)

Fennel is a versatile vegetable that is often looked over for being too tough. Braising is a great way to soften this hearty root vegetable known to aid in digestion. The acidity & fruitiness of the wine compliments the aniseed flavored fennel and with a good drizzle of olive oil it finishes this dish perfectly. Serve with meat!

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Minestrone: A Primer

Minestrone: A Primer by Frank Fariello

Many people think of minestrone as the kind of hearty fare best eaten in the cold weather months. Minestrone is wonderful in fall and winter, of course, but it can actually be enjoyed year-round, its component ingredients changing with the seasons, served hot in the winter, warm in the spring or autumn, and even 'cold' (ie, room…

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Risotto with Radicchio and Saint-Andre Cheese

Risotto with Radicchio and Saint-Andre Cheese by Frank Fariello

Here is a risotto that should prove that vegetarian dishes can be perfectly satisfying, even indulgent: a risotto made with vegetable broth, and flavored with a wonderful combination of bitter radicchio with the creamy savor of Saint-André cheese.

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