Gordon Ramsay Style Mushroom and Leek Pasta

Gordon Ramsay Style Mushroom and Leek Pasta by Hina Gujral

In one of the episodes, Gordon shared 'Quick TV Dinners' - Mushroom and Leek Pasta, Farfalle with ricotta, pancetta & peas, Tagliatelle with quick sausage meat bolognaise, Spaghetti with chilly, sardines & oregano and Sweet corn fritters & yoghurt dip, for his Mushroom and Leek Pasta he used Lasagna sheets and I loved the way he…

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Mushroom and Balsamic Reduction

Mushroom and Balsamic Reduction by CHEF ASHRAF ABD ALEEM ELKHARBOTLY

Mushroom and Balsamic Reduction

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Stuff mushrooms with ricotta surprise

Stuff mushrooms with ricotta surprise by Shandiola colebrooke

Quick healthy vegetarian meal

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Grilled Mushroom Sandwiches

Grilled Mushroom Sandwiches by RecipeKing

Grilled Mushroom Sandwiches-is an easy and quick to prepare recipe for a delicious meatless sandwich for your outdoor grilling menu. Features include: Portobello mushrooms marinated in Italian salad dressing then grilled to perfection and placed on Kaizer rolls and layered with spinach and tomatoes for a delicious meal. It is also a…

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Cream of Wild Mushroom

Cream of Wild Mushroom by Blackswan

Mushroom lovers, you’re gonna love this rich & creamy soup made from Portobello & Mixed Button Mushrooms! I prefer my Mushroom Soup rich & having an exotic taste, that’s why I like the combination of the Portobello & Mixed Button Mushrooms! There're many different types & methods of making Mushroom Soup but I like mine done…

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