Fried Mozzarella Balls With Homemade Tomato Sauce

Fried Mozzarella Balls With Homemade Tomato Sauce by Jenny

A week or so back I had a chance to taste fried mozzarella balls with tomato sauce. These were served to us alongside with some other deep fried appetizers. The mozzarella balls were absolutely divine and I knew back then that I would be trying to copy them and get as close to the delicious flavours as possible. I haven’t even done…

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cake RICOTTA cheese CHOCOLATE RUM by Foodessa

All this talk about APRONS and Grandmothers got me going on assembling my notes and photos to finally share with you a very cherished recipe my 'Nonna' made for me growing up. Granted, as I turned baker in my kitchen, I confess to having tweaked it just enough to meet with her approval. She also found that my version was slightly…

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Sicilian Cake

Sicilian Cake by Evelyn Scott

This Sicilian cake is traditional from the ricotta to the crushed pineapple and rum. Topped off with cherries and chocolate chips, this is unbeatable.

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Awesome Mini Pepperoni Stromboli's

Awesome Mini Pepperoni Stromboli's by Denise Sherin

These mini Stromboli's are great for lunch, dinner or parties! Using frozen bread dough in 12 pre-sectioned roll form keeps your dough uniform, but you can use loaf form and divide it into 12 sections yourself. You can change the filling to anything you like. This recipe uses Pepperoni, but you can use sausage, steak, chicken or…

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Italian Cheesecake

Italian Cheesecake by Linda Oefelein

This recipe is an all time favorite of mine - it has been handed down for over 3 generations in my family - I've made some changes to it as time has gone by - but it is still mouth-watering and I know you will love it!

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