Make your own Italian cherry wine (visciolato)

Make your own Italian cherry wine (visciolato) by chefgonin

There are various fruit wines, but especially in Italy develops a very special cherry wine, discover how it works, few know the secret ...

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Gastronomia Italiana Style Bean Salad (sardinian)

Gastronomia Italiana Style Bean Salad (sardinian) by FromScratch Sarah

I cannot find the type of bean used in the actual salad, here in the states.Ive tried to replicate this dish the best I can from memory,I think its pretty close! please let me know if you have an actual itaian recipe for this salad,know the name of the bean used,and where to get the bean! Thanks! Also I believe this is the same dish…

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Gay pink grapefruit salad

Gay pink grapefruit salad by Gino la Tilla

This recipe was created by me and my gay friend Guido a.k.a. Ivana. I'll save you the bench of innuendos included in ingredients and procedures, just know that “finocchio” (fennel) is the friendly way to say gay in Tuscany

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Campbells Recipes - Muscovado Espuma

Campbells Recipes - Muscovado Espuma by Charlie Hamilton

A sweet variation of Espuma dessert.

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