Double Sausage Pizza

Double Sausage Pizza by Patti Fisher

Ken’s friend David came over so Ken could help him fix his computer. To thank him he wanted to treat us to take out pizza. Oh no, my friend, Patti can make a sausage pizza to make shop owners cry. She uses lots of our favorite sausage and Ken’s smoked cheeses, plus Chef of the Future Floribbean Rub & Seasoning. An easy and quick pizza…

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Grilled Chicken, Chevre on Portabello Mushroom

Grilled Chicken, Chevre on Portabello Mushroom by Jason Freund

I don't know the official title for this, but we used to order this appetizer from Arman's restaurant in Birmingham, AL all the time. That was back in '95, when the original Chef Arman had one of the most popular restaurants in the state. It's still delicious and can actually be the entree for a nice summer meal. Tonight, we…

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White Veggie Lasagna

White Veggie Lasagna by Lazaro Cooks

Lasagna, in most of its incarnations, is one of my all time favorite foods. This particular one uses no tomato product, thus it’s white. White sauce pastas are commonly prepared with some variation of a Béchamel Sauce. That’s where my lasagna gets exciting. My white sauce is actually a cauliflower puree.

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Barbecuing Meat the Sicilian Way

Barbecuing Meat the Sicilian Way by I Sicilian

Summer days are great barbecue days. Are American barbecuers spoiled? Having lived almost 40 years in the US of A, I include myself in this picture. For the average American household barbecuing with coals seems to be too much trouble. It seems that 63% of Americans prefer gas grilling over charcoal. It is just so much easier…

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Italian Sausage Mac & Cheese

Italian Sausage Mac & Cheese by Patti Fisher

It’s amazing how many recipe requests we get for macaroni & cheese. That’s fine with us, it’s quick, easy and has unlimited variations. We used Ken’s favorite hot Italian sausage along with lots of his cold smoked cheddar and Patti insisted on fresh broccoli to keep it healthy. Being it was 101 here today we were more than happy to…

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Smoked Lasagna Roll Ups

Smoked Lasagna Roll Ups by Patti Fisher

We wanted a hearty stick to your ribs dinner. Having our good friends Jim & Debbie over and they wanted a dinner with some of Ken’s smoked cheese. We’ve all enjoyed it as snacks on crackers and cheese sauce, but they wanted to try some of our cooking magic as an entrée. Patti thought her lasagna would put the cheeses to a delicious…

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Swordfish Braciole

Swordfish Braciole by Franco Lania

In the restaurant we cut this on an electric slicer. It is faster and more accurate than by hand. It is also dangerous if the fish is frozen to hard or if it is not frozen at all and is to soft. “Trick is to have it semi frozen when cutting home cooks I do not suggest the machine method use the method stated…

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