Tindora/Dondakaya curry

Tindora/Dondakaya curry by Padmaja

Today i am posting simple Tindora curry. Any one can prepare with in 1/2 hour time.Tindora is known by many names in different regions. It is called kundru, tendli, tondli, dondakaya, Ivy gourd etc. By itself the vegetable is not so popular but its taste depends on how you cook it.

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IDLI ( a south indian breakfast)

IDLI ( a south indian breakfast) by Shreelakshmi Sudhindra

IDLI ( a south indian breakfast) We find this in all most all south indian houses once in a while. Made of rava and urad dal. We get ready made idly rava. Which we need to mix with urad dal. There are few good branded rave which we get. There is another method of making IDLI which I am sharing with you all. We can also try…

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