RAVA UPMA by Devaki Das

A quintessential South Indian Breakfast made with Farina or Cream of Wheat

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Muradabadi Moong Ki Dal - Yellow Moong Dal with Spices

Muradabadi Moong Ki Dal - Yellow Moong Dal with Spices by Hina Gujral

At my place, in every wedding Moradabad Dal has to be in the menu and there are special cooks who come from Moradabad to cook this delicacy. I don't know why my mother made it at home and at every wedding we all use to relish Muradabadi Dal. When I say it has to be in the wedding menu I mean to say in the starters menu, not main…

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How to Make Perfect Puri/Poori

How to Make Perfect Puri/Poori by Hina Gujral

How to make perfect Puri is no secret mantra, all it requires is bit of practice. Puri or Poori is renowned Indian puffed bread. These plump, spherical deep-fried breads are native of Indian sub-continent. The culinary tour of the by-lanes of old cities is never considered complete without enjoying Puri dipped in piping hot bold…

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Dhaal Soup aka Lentil Soup

Dhaal Soup aka Lentil Soup by Micheline

This is the most delicious, healthy and satisfying indian soup I have ever tasted. It is easy and quick to prepare. This soup is vegetarian by choosing the vegetable broth instead of the chicken stock as the base.

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Rava Idli Sqaures

Rava Idli Sqaures by Hina Gujral

After living in South from past few years one thing in me has definitely changed, my breakfast habits, I have become huge fan of South Indian breakfast and I think I have tasted breakfast of almost each and every kind of South Indian breakfast joint in Bangalore as well as Chennai. There is something very succulent and satisfying…

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Gujarati Khatta Dhokla

Gujarati Khatta Dhokla by Hina Gujral

Gujarati Khatta Dhokla is steamed rice and lentil fudge seasoned with curry leaves, mustard seeds with splash yellowish red of turmeric and red chili powder. Gujarati Farsans (Snacks) have unique persona each with distinguished cooking method, peculiar taste profile, appetizing presentation and low on calorie count. One such…

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Dal Makhani Recipe

Dal Makhani Recipe by Hina Gujral

Dal Makhani is the hearty, creamy, mildly flavored whole urad dal stew, it is the most common lentil dish cooked across the Northern province of India. Over the years Dal Makhani has become an inseparable part of Indian Cuisine, in the far west countries in midst of hot dogs and pancakes this brown lentil curry is recognized as the…

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Talk To Me Cupcake! Tasty Bites, Gluten Free!

Talk To Me Cupcake! Tasty Bites, Gluten Free! by kathy gori

I love cup cakes. They're so innocent. begging me to eat them. I especially love mini cup cakes, mini anything actually. To me mini = guilt free. I know in the "reality based community", this is a bunch of horse pucky, but one can dream. The last time I made Gujarati steamed chickpea bread I wondered since it's so good savory, how…

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Rava coconut ladoo

Rava coconut ladoo by pshinde2109

Rava coconut ladoo is specially made during Diwali festival in India.It is also termed as semolina-coconut sweet balls.It is one of the famous sweet or dessert made in India during festival season or marriages.

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Rava Idli (Steamed Semolina Dumplings)

Rava Idli (Steamed Semolina Dumplings) by Hina Gujral

Rava Idli is a soft pillowy steamed semolina dumpling seasoned with mustard seeds, curry leaves, urad dal and cashew. There are many theories about the curation of Rava Idli but all of them are intertwined in Karnataka only, so it could be said that Rava Idli have it's roots in the state. Many food historians condemn traces of Rava…

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Jalebi by Suhaina Rasheed

Indian sweet made with all purpose flour fried and dipped in flavored sugar syrup.

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Mooli Paratha

Mooli Paratha by vidhya

Mooli Paratha is Indian Bread stuffed with White raddish. All Parathas can be filled with our own style masalas. There is no specific masala recipe for them. So we can adopt our recipes and try each of them. Mix Salt and Oil with Flour and add warm Water. Knead to form semi-firm dough. Coat dough with few drops of Oil, cover and…

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Broken Wheat Bise Belle Bhath

Broken Wheat Bise Belle Bhath by Malathi Savitha

World Diabetes Day is held on November 14 each year. The day aims to increase an awareness of the effects of diabetes and its complications amongst the general population and professionals. In Significance of this day we have posted Broken Wheat Bise belle Bhath. Health Benefits of Broken Wheat: - Cracked wheat is an excellent…

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Ragi Rotti (Finger millet flatbread)

Ragi Rotti (Finger millet flatbread) by Hina Gujral

Ragi Rotti is a simple and healthy traditional flatbread of Karnataka, finger millet flour is mixed with variety of colorful seasonal vegetables and formed into dough to make delicious breads served with variety of condiments on the side, I settled for uncomplicated Tomato Chutney tempered with mustard seeds swimming in the ghee with…

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Adai Avial

Adai Avial by vidhya

An adai when served with aviyal makes a wholesome, nutritious meal. Aviyal is a medley of boiled vegetables (think carrots, potatoes, chow-chow, white pumpkin, yellow cucumber - mostly the water based veggies etc) simmered in yogurt, coconut gravy. Its so easy to make the batter for adai, no need to toil over fermenting the batter.…

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