Chhana Manda Pitha

Chhana Manda Pitha by Mugdha

Its a sweet dish made during festivals--very popular in my state Orissa,India...Made of Suji/Semolina.......

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Masala Cheese Garlic Deep Fried Indian Bread

Masala Cheese Garlic Deep Fried Indian Bread by Hina Gujral

Masala Cheese Puri is perfect example of influence of western spices in Indian kitchen, the flavor of cheese and herbs have given new dimension to the Indian bread and I am totally in love with this new avataar of Puri and so does "He". I serve it with Sweet and Savory Lemon Pickle, made by my MIL, pickles is yet one unknown horizon…

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Ricotta cheese fudge "Shondesh"

Ricotta cheese fudge "Shondesh" by Nusrat Azim Suborna

A Bangladeshi/Indian sweetmeat that tastes like twilight after the longest eclipse ever!

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Baked Osta N Chili Cheese Toast

Baked Osta N Chili Cheese Toast by Renu Guru

Perfect for a quick snack,this easy Toast recipe is exciting to make and is tasty n filling.The fun part is that one can always play around with the toppings to be used.You can also make the dish non-vegetarian by putting a chicken topping instead of feta or haloumi cheese.In Our house,I put my own home made Paneer-Indian cottage…

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