Gobi, Gajar aur Shalgam Ka Achaar

Gobi, Gajar aur Shalgam Ka Achaar by Hina Gujral

The cozy, warm winter sun and the bountiful local produce is ideal to make the Gobi, Gajar aur Shalgam Ka Achaar. When the vegetable market is flooded with bright and shiny cauliflower, turnips and plenty of long and lustrous carrots, Gobi, Gajar, Shalgam pickle is one of the best ways to relish and preserve the seasonal yield.

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Quali flower pickle-Indian

Quali flower pickle-Indian by sharmila sanka

This is a typical Indian spicy pickle. Most of the ingredients will be found in the Indian Store. Quali flower pickle goes well with paratha/tortilla, curd rice or plain rice. It will remain until 10 days outside and atleast a month in the refrigerator. This can be made even without garlic.

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