Chicken Cordon Bleu - Schnitzel Style!

Chicken Cordon Bleu - Schnitzel Style! by Salad Foodie

I fell in love with veal cordon bleu prepared schnitzel style in restaurants while living in Germany in the late 60's. But stateside, veal was hard to come by when I first began to replicate the recipe, so I subbed chicken breast. I have come fairly close to the 'authentic' versions my memories provide of this delicious main dish. I…

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Homemade Amish Pot Pie Squares (noodles)

Homemade Amish Pot Pie Squares (noodles) by Denise Sherin

Everytime I'm in Lancaster,PA I look forward to Bott Boi (chicken Pot Pie). Its not pot pie in a pie shell its a creamy chicken stew. It's a wonderful comfort food. My Grandmom's best friend Irene showed me how to make these noodles for pot pie, it simple and delicious. I make Bott Boi for my family often and I usually make…

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Bavarian Apple Torte

Bavarian Apple Torte by Salad Foodie

There are gazillions of recipes on the Internet for Bavarian apple cheese cake or torte, but most are sweeter than typical German pastries. I prefer this recipe posted several years ago by a lady from Germany as it makes me think I'm eating authentic German torte. It is certainly sweet, but not overly so, and not rich and heavy with…

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Apple Oven Pancake

Apple Oven Pancake by Nancy Miyasaki

This is a traditional German oven pancake. If you've never had one, you've got to make this. It is soo delicious and nothing like a regular pancake.

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German Pancake

German Pancake by Nancy Miyasaki

This is a traditional German oven pancake. If you've never had one, you've got to make this. It is soo delicious and nothing like a regular pancake.

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Apfelkuchen (German Apple Cake) with Almond Apple Cake Variation

Apfelkuchen (German Apple Cake) with Almond Apple Cake Variation by Salad Foodie

This recipe takes me back over 50 years when I lived in Germany. My landlady Mathilda would treat me to this pastry and one day I asked her for the recipe. She agreed to show me how to make it, if I taught her how to make American lemon meringue pie!…

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German Meatballs and Sauerkraut

German Meatballs and Sauerkraut by Salad Foodie

I have never thought to serve meatballs on sauerkraut until I tasted this. Wow, forget about meatballs and spaghetti ~ this is delish! Perfect for anytime, and especially for Octoberfest. To serve several guests, I made the meatballs, cooked them and refrigerated a day ahead. About an hour before serving time, I spooned the…

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German Chicken Soup w Homemade Spaetzle & Knodel (Noodles & Dumplings)

German Chicken Soup w Homemade Spaetzle & Knodel (Noodles & Dumplings) by Cindy McNamara

Yes I know, usually you have either noodles OR dumplings in your soup but since I love both I'm putting both in. You could certainly stick with one or the other. The broth is light and extremely flavorful and stands all on its own but is best with the…

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German Rye Flaxseed Bread

German Rye Flaxseed Bread by Tina W.

This bread tastes like it came from a German bakery! Delicious topped with meats and cheeses as well as sweets like jam, honey, or Nutella! (The cost per recipe is way off. I figure it costs just over $1.00.)

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Bierocks (beerocks, bierochs...whatever, they’re great!)

Bierocks (beerocks, bierochs...whatever, they’re great!) by Salad Foodie

A yeast dough stuffed with beef and cabbage then baked, this German “hamburger” has been a favorite treat whenever the mood to cook something different for others moves me. Make your own dough, use a box roll mix, or simpler yet, start with frozen dinner roll dough as I always do. Make them circular or fold up and pinch edges in to…

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German Potato Salad Heirloom Recipe

German Potato Salad Heirloom Recipe by Foodiewife

My Mutti was born and raised in Bavaria, and I grew up with this wonderful potato salad. She owned a Bavarian Delicatessen in my hometown of Monterey, CA for years. Every morning, she'd make a fresh batch of her famous potato salad, and it would sell out by noon. Unlike a Northern German version of Hot Potato salad, with lots of…

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Sauerkraut and Meatballs

Sauerkraut and Meatballs by Sherwin Faden

This is a tarty tasty dish that my mother would make. The recipe calls for a large portion and simmering it allows it to be served at any time. It is great when you have a large number of people over.

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Amish Schnitz und Knepp

Amish Schnitz und Knepp by Denise Sherin

Schnitz und Knepp is an old rare Amish dish. My neighbor growing up was from Pa Dutch country, he grew up on a farm. His mother made very traditional Pa Dutch recipes. This was something he ate as a child. Made with ham they smoked and apples they dried themselves, it's salty and sweet. Pronounced: snitz en nep

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Bavarian Red Cabbage

Bavarian Red Cabbage by Foodiewife

My mother was born in Bavaria, and she taught me how to make this very traditional dish. Over the years, I've made a few tweaks of my own-- balancing the sweet and sour to make this dish a family favorite. I make this every year for our annual Oktoberfest, and it's one of our favorites. Please click on my URL link to see how I make…

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German Rouladen (beef rolls )

German Rouladen (beef rolls ) by Chef Paul McGovern

I love German food !! This is time consuming to make and you will be in the kitchen for quite a while. So it is a great rainy day dish. Prep time for me is about 1 1/2 to 2hr and I am a Chef. The first time I did this about 20 years ago it took me 6 hr. to get it all done. That is cooking time also and it was at home. Spend the time…

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