Crepes by Jann from PA

Better than pancakes. Fewer carbs and a little more protein. Fill with berries or any fruit (thicken with a little cornstarch, if desired). Or, use savory fillings, like bean dip or salsa. Very easy and versatile. Can be frozen.

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New Orleans French Toast

New Orleans French Toast by Paula Lenz

New Orleans Style French Toast This is not your typical French toast recipe. This is made New Orleans style using thick slices of bread soaked in a custard batter. The bread is browned lightly in a pan and then baked to a golden brown. This recipe is just one of the countless French-influenced dishes of New Orleans and one of the…

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Ham & Eggs Benedict

Ham & Eggs Benedict by RecipeKing

Ham & Eggs Benedict is a delicious and healthier version of this popular French dish. A great option for a weekend breakfast or brunch. Made with reduced-fat mayonnaise and non-fat yogurt to make it a low calories, low carbohydrates, low sugars, diabetic and Weight Watchers (3) PointsPlus recipe.

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Mini Italian Quiches

Mini Italian Quiches by Sheryl Dennett

A delicious quiche inspired by the more traditional Italian Quiche but made into individual servings for parties, pot lucks and picnics! Or simply to have at home and enjoy with the family or take some to work with you!

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