Mac and Triple Cheese

Mac and Triple Cheese by Lidy Concepcion

This is another pasta recipe that we love to make and love to eat. I got this from Hunt's.

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Subscribe to my YouTube Channel (Lipardo's Global Kitchen) for more recipes and future raffle draws for giveaway prizes. Our close family friends used to ask me to cook this pasta whenever we have a one-dish or potluck party. Kids and adults alike love this dish so it disappears like a bubble on the dinner table. It's so tasty,…

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Mamon Tostado(Filipino Cookie)

Mamon Tostado(Filipino Cookie) by Marelie

A week ago I posted Filipino Mamon which is a kind of a muffin back home.You dont use muffin liner by the way..Mamon is baked and eaten just like that without frost or anything on top.The exciting part is it can actually turned into a cookie.Well,I consider this as our version of cookie.I grew up eating Mamon Tostado as my merienda.It…

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A Butterscotch Treat (Filipino Buttery Bar)

A Butterscotch Treat (Filipino Buttery Bar) by Marelie

The smartest thing to do like I keep for keeps.While everybody will just grab and eat..I heard them... when are you going to make this again,Mommy?Truly our love for sweets goes beyond measure.The desire to make one happy treat is the desire to crave for more and you just cant stop and I guess we all wont.Lets eat,lets giggle…

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Filipino Mamon ( Yellow Sponge Cake)

Filipino Mamon ( Yellow Sponge Cake) by Marelie

Today while making my post,I have the pleasure of eating my brunch..the nicest brunch because its my craving..its my pleasure and I dont care how I bite..whether Im a lady or a monkey..that I dont care. Well, come on in..have some..the best things in life are for free! Lets eat,lets giggle and lets be merry!

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Steak Chicken,Gravy and Mashed Potato

Steak Chicken,Gravy and Mashed Potato by Marelie

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Menudo Filipino

Menudo Filipino by Marelie

I grew up practically knowing Menudo as a special dish.I am very fond of it either.During occasions I would always include Menudo on my list because of its taste and versatility.Some older ones would prefer this with beer, gin or whisky.The children love Menudo with rice especially if it has slices of hotdogs included.Others like…

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No Bake Double Chocolate Cookie

No Bake Double Chocolate Cookie by Marelie

This No bake Chocolate Cookie from Hazel of A Joyful Noise is such a treat.The change I made is to add 3/4 cup of chocolate chips and lessen the sugar to 1 1/2 cup.My son told me that it taste like a chocolate bar..and yes it is..I cant describe the taste.Its just so wonderfully sweet and creamy.It will make you giggle and laugh..I…

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Baked Chicken Tortilla Wrap

Baked Chicken Tortilla Wrap by Marelie

I love Tortilla Wrap in different ways, heat and just eat without anything, enjoy it either with cheese and veggies, or be daring make a wrap with meat and spices but the best for me is chicken wrap tortilla!

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Cheesy Pineapple Raisin Oatmeal Cookie

Cheesy Pineapple Raisin Oatmeal Cookie by Marelie

Now, here's the cookie for everyone..dried pineapple bits has turned out to be a perfect match with raisin, chopped nuts blended well with the oats and my precious cheddar cheese has made the flavor balanced and chunky...Let's eat, Let's giggle and lets be merry...Have a blessed day to all.

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My Pork Dumplings

My Pork Dumplings by Marelie

These are my lovely Chinitas!..after the heat and outside their dominion. Now, they are ready so come on, get your chopsticks, grab them, eat them and together lets say, " Ni Hao Ma" to everyone... ( How are you? ) Back home, I always offer this to some of my friends and it makes them smile all the time.

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Milkshake by Lidy Concepcion

I got this from Selecta thank you Selecta!

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Chocolate Blossoms ( Filipino Cookie)

Chocolate Blossoms ( Filipino Cookie) by Marelie

have a different name for my crinkles. I call it Chocolate Blossoms and I make it differently.I don't like the bakery type which more often made for mass production so the taste is too sweet or tough and in some cases, dry. ( hate it!) My version is chewy, soft and it melts in your mouth.The trick: be careful with timing and don't use…

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Cheesy Cranberry Oatmeal Cookie

Cheesy Cranberry Oatmeal Cookie by Marelie

just thought.. how was it if I mix cranberry and cheese..its intriguing and my curiosity did not kill me.. cranberry and cheese is such a crazy combination, you wont regret it... best eaten with fresh milk.

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My Asian Fried Fish Fillet

My Asian Fried Fish Fillet by Marelie

Here's my recipe for today. I am proud of this recipe because it is personal, I made it. Honestly, its not bad cause it is the worst batter in the whole world! lol! It will make you crazy and you will find yourself in the end frying more aside from fish..but you should do it after frying the fish. You can fry slices of potato, sweet…

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