Cherry ice cream

Cherry ice cream by Easy Cook - Laka kuharica

Wonderfully aromatic and refreshing homemade ice cream.

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Irish Apple Cake with Whisky Cream

Irish Apple Cake with Whisky Cream by Nancy Miyasaki

Most Irish have a sweet tooth, and this tasty dessert will satisfy it. Legendary Irish cook Myrtle Allen says "Homemade Apple Cakes are the most popular sweet in Ireland." Try this one and you will understand why!

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Yummy Nutritious and Sugar Free Dessert

Yummy Nutritious and Sugar Free Dessert by Nathan Willow

I was reading "Little Women" the other day where the family maid, Hannah, was preparing a cake recipe made from really obsolete ingredients. Afterwards, there was a scene where the four sisters: Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy were all tending their respective plots in their tiny garden of their small rented house. My train of thought switched…

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Cherry Scones

Cherry Scones by RecipeKing

Cherry Scones is a delicious, and moist recipe for a true English scone made with either dried cherries or dried cranberries and almonds. A great addition to your breakfast and or brunch meal rotation. Great for overnight guests or large gatherings. Not at all dry like many scones. It is also a low calories, low fat, low sodium, low…

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Apfelkuchen (German Apple Cake) with Almond Apple Cake Variation

Apfelkuchen (German Apple Cake) with Almond Apple Cake Variation by Salad Foodie

This recipe takes me back over 40 years when I lived in Germany. My landlady Mathilda would treat me to this pastry and one day I asked her for the recipe. She agreed to show me how to make it, if I taught her how to make American lemon meringue pie!…

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Wild berry and dark chocolate pie

Wild berry and dark chocolate pie by Easy Cook - Laka kuharica

Wild berries and dark chocolate make a decadent dessert from this simple and easy pie.

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Pudín Diplomático

Pudín Diplomático by Sergio Hernandez

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Swedish Apple Pie

Swedish Apple Pie by Salad Foodie

"Easy as pie" as the saying goes. But this recipe is really EASIER than pie! Sliced Granny Smith apples go in the pie dish first, followed by a quick and simple topping. The topping settles down around the apples during baking and becomes lightly crisp - so good! Based on The Apple Lover's Cookbook by Amy Traverso.

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Easy Cinnamon Apple Strudel

Easy Cinnamon Apple Strudel by Nancy Miyasaki

This is super simple and truly delicious. I made it for John's birthday dinner, since he loves cinnamon apple desserts with vanilla ice cream. It's light and flavorful without being too rich. We finished it all in one night between the six of us. Mmm!

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Delicious pear cake

Delicious pear cake by Easy Cook - Laka kuharica

Simple, moist and full of fruity, spicy flavor.

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Bundt cake with apples

Bundt cake with apples by Easy Cook - Laka kuharica

Simple-to-whip-up apple cake ideal for a tea time treat.

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APPLE cranberry SAMBUCA maple cake - update

APPLE cranberry SAMBUCA maple cake - update by Foodessa

The fabulous flavour combo of APPLES, sweet MAPLE and ANIS aromas dancing through our home was unbearably teasing us with impatient anticipation. NO electric mixer required. For a dedicated post...refer here:

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Yummy Banana Pudding Dessert

Yummy Banana Pudding Dessert by Nathan Willow

Pudding cakes are an interesting combination of cake with the flavor of puddings. They are also easy to make and serve when some unexpected guests drop in for dinner and you don't have the time to prepare elaborate dishes. Here is a delicious banana pudding cake recipe that you can prepare at home using a store-bought or homemade cake…

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Würziger Apfelkuchen (Spicy Apple Cake)

Würziger Apfelkuchen (Spicy Apple Cake) by Robyn Savoie

Hundreds of German cakes, and desserts include this versatile fruit. This moist and spicy apfelkuchen can be found on the menu's of Konditoreien, coffee and tea houses, everywhere. I like to use Granny Smith in the cake and Honeycrisp in the topping. Granny Smiths are crisp and tart, while the Honeycrisp are crisp and sweet.…

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Elizabethan Quince Cheese

Elizabethan Quince Cheese by Karen

I have had a bumper year for quince in 2011 and have decided to make various preserves and desserts with my amazing fruity haul ~ I shall be featuring them over the next few days. The first preserve I decided to make was a batch of Quince Cheese, called Membrillo in Spain and a firm favourite with me and my family. It always makes an…

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