Marie Biscuit Cake

Marie Biscuit Cake by louise

This no cook dessert is a favourite of mine. The biscuits used are 'Morning coffee' or 'Marie biscuits'. You can also use the LU Cookies or Rich Tea Biscuits that can be bought from Amazon. I have not seen the Marie or Morning Coffee type in the US except at the PBX on an armed forces base! They have all sorts of European food!…

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Shallot and Red Wine Beef Wellington Sauce

Shallot and Red Wine Beef Wellington Sauce by Pamela Orbin

Learn how to cook a rich and savory sauce for your beef wellington.

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Batter Fry Zucchini

Batter Fry Zucchini by Mary Shaldibina

One of the fastest ways to prepare delicious zucchini - fry them in a batter.

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Cherry Scones

Cherry Scones by RecipeKing

Cherry Scones is a delicious, and moist recipe for a true English scone made with either dried cherries or dried cranberries and almonds. A great addition to your breakfast and or brunch meal rotation. Great for overnight guests or large gatherings. Not at all dry like many scones. It is also a low calories, low fat, low sodium, low…

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Club Sandwich Recipe

Club Sandwich Recipe by Hina Gujral

The brown bag lunch is an American tradition, the first sandwich created in 1762, was a matter of necessity. The Earl of Sandwich, an enthusiastic gambler, requested bread and meat dishes that he could eat while gambling and the sandwich were born. The traditional club sandwich is most often done with turkey, bacon, eggs and loads of…

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Hot Apple Toddy with Garam Masala

Hot Apple Toddy with Garam Masala by Hina Gujral

As a food lover for me monsoon means lot of spicy and comfort food, hot drinks and tons of finger food which I avoid during summer, reason my lost appetite in summer, which is now back with a bang. When I say hot drinks I mean I want all my drinks including cocktails to be served at room temperature, a glass of hot drink in one hand…

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Pork Tenderloin Wellington

Pork Tenderloin Wellington by Nick Roche

Many of you have most likely heard of Beef Wellington; however, how about getting Pork in on the action? Presenting Pork Wellington, with all the elegance and savoriness of its richer cousin, but at a fraction of the cost. This dish has not been costed, but it easily comes in a less than $25.00 for 6 servings. Consider Pork tenderloin…

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Quick, mildly spiced beef

Quick, mildly spiced beef by Chez la mere

courtesy Nigel slater

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Traditional Christmas Fruit & Rum Cake

Traditional Christmas Fruit & Rum Cake by Hina Gujral

I can't believe it's almost end of the year and finally I am baking the most awaited cake of the year, the traditional Christmas Cake, which is one of my favorite cakes from my childhood days but I baked this for the first time and it is simply decadent.

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Spiced Almond Cookie

Spiced Almond Cookie by Hina Gujral

Smart cookies are strategic about holiday baking. These Spiced Almond Cookies are a classic holiday favorites and are great for gifting, it’s quick to make and turn out delicious and distinctive cookies, all sure to hit the sweet spot with family and friends. Their generous size makes them especially festive but they can be made into…

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Scones by Aspen Lee-Moulden

This is a great basic scone recipe. They are easy to make and can be modified with any additions you like. I like to serve them with lemon curd, sweetened whipped cream, or if you can find it, it's great with clotted cream.

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Mango Cranberry Mock-o-lada

Mango Cranberry Mock-o-lada by Hina Gujral

To congratulate myself for all the hard work I made Mango Cranberry Mock-o-lada, which is combination of Mocktail+Lada, lada is a Russian word meaning beauty goddess, and surely Mango Lada is a famous mocktail that has all the divine goodness of mangoes.

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Italian bruschetta with duck and caramelized onions

Italian bruschetta with duck and caramelized onions by Spoonof

Italian bruschetta with duck and caramelized onions is one of my favorite snacks. It is a real gourmet snack, I bet that your friends will be satisfied. I really like bruschetta – sandwiches with baked bread. You can practically put everything on it – cheese, vegetables, meat and etc. It is one of the best snacks to surprise your…

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Carrots & Orange Wholewheat Muffin's/Cup Cakes..;)

Carrots & Orange Wholewheat Muffin's/Cup Cakes..;) by shruthisingh4

Let them eat cup cakes...Put the carrot's on Top..;) When it comes to getting your toddler to eat healthy food yet something that looks more like what all other children buy from the supermarket & eat...well "healthy carrot muffins", there couldn't be a better answer at least for the moment when i don't have too much time to…

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Yorkshire Puddings (perfect every time)

Yorkshire Puddings (perfect every time) by Acquiredish

What is it about Yorkshire Puddings that some people find so difficult to get right? Well I have to confess I had the exact same problem for many years. My mum got them perfect every time! She had no set recipe, "just throw all the ingredients into a bowl, mix, pour and hey presto" she would say! I didn't work for me I can…

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