Amazing Afghan Chicken

Amazing Afghan Chicken by John Spottiswood

This recipe, known as Murgh in India, is amazingly flavorful and a real crowd pleaser. I served two BBQ chicken recipes for July 4th, my father-in-law's Chinese Barbecued Chicken (linked below) and this new dish. The kids mostly ate the sweeter Chinese version, but the adults split about 50-50 in terms of their favorites. I saw…

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Turkse Bulgur salade

Turkse Bulgur salade by SpiritBarb

Heerlijke salade op basis van bulgur, ik denk dat je bulgur het beste kan vergelijken met couscous. Lekker op smaak gemaakt met verse groente, tomatenpuree, wat peper en zout e.d

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anadolu yakası evden eve nakliyat

anadolu yakası evden eve nakliyat by elmasnak

anadolu yakası evden eve nakliyat

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Tobasco Potatoes

Tobasco Potatoes by Mama D

I created this potato dish to go with anything grilled. It has become a family staple. I always try to make a little extra for leftovers, but they seem to disappear. Adjust the Tobasco sauce to your heat tolerance. You can use more than you think since a lot drips off in the grill. If you are going to make them on the stove, use less…

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sehirlerarasi evden eve nakliyat

sehirlerarasi evden eve nakliyat by elmasnak

taşımacılıkta sehir içi ve sehirler arası hizmet vermekteyiz

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