Armenian Red Lentil Balls - Vospov Kheyma

Armenian Red Lentil Balls - Vospov Kheyma by John Spottiswood

Traditionally, Kheyma is a made with meat (raw beef patty). However, during Lent many Armenians prefer Vospov Kheyma as a vegetarian alternative. Our friends the Bedrosians brought these over as an appetizer last night. He said it was a bit spicier than his mother usually made, but we all thought they were perfect. If you want less…

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AUSHAK - AFGHAN RAVIOLI by Linda Tay Esposito

I first tasted Aushak at the Salang Pass restaurant in Fremont, a city where a lot of Afghan immigrants have settled. Aushak is proof that Marco Polo made his way through that part of the world (I mean through the Hindu Kush, not Fremont!) enroute back from China. Aushak is traditionally made with beef - it's the Afghan version of…

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Turkish Red Lentil Soup

Turkish Red Lentil Soup by John Spottiswood

I order this every time I go out for Turkish food. It is an amazingly flavorful and wonderful soup. It's always a little different wherever I have it, but it is always phenomenal. This recipe, culled from 2-3 that I found online, is no exception. It's a bit full bodied, almost like a stew, compared to others I have had. I loved…

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Eggplant and Peas Stew

Eggplant and Peas Stew by John Spottiswood

This recipe was invented by my good friend Brian Bedrosian. He recommends that you "Should drink red wine while cooking and eating for best results." I haven't tried this one yet...but every other Armenian concoction I've tasted of Brian's has been outstanding!

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Turkse Bulgur salade

Turkse Bulgur salade by SpiritBarb

Heerlijke salade op basis van bulgur, ik denk dat je bulgur het beste kan vergelijken met couscous. Lekker op smaak gemaakt met verse groente, tomatenpuree, wat peper en zout e.d

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