No-Bake Mango Pie

No-Bake Mango Pie by RecipeKing

No-Bake Mango Pie is an easy recipe for a takeoff on the popular Cuban Mojito drink. It combines the flavors of lime and rum, using fresh squeezed lime juice and rum extract. A delicious, creamy pie with vibrant flavor. A possible Cinco De Mayo dessert option. It is also a healthy, low calories, low fat, low cholesterol, low sodium,…

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Mango and Red Pepper Salsa

Mango and Red Pepper Salsa by Hina Gujral

The natural sweetness and tanginess of a mango is bliss, no added flavors are required if mango is used in any curry or salad. Mango and Red Pepper Salsa is the medley of colors and flavors, in this hot weather it is an eye and palate soother. The bursting colors of this salsa is very much like the current colorful diagram shown in…

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Papaya Pie

Papaya Pie by Parsley Sage

I've mentioned before that Clark Kent and I volunteer with Cayman Wildlife Rescue. Every few weeks, we drive out to Savannah to clean the cages, change out the toys, provide showering services and lavish with treats the six rescued Cayman Parrots that are currently in recovery. They love papayas! If they could eat it in pie, they…

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Mango Lassi

Mango Lassi by Parsley Sage

I was puttering around the kitchen thinking about breakfast and the lovely mango eyeballing me from the counter when I decided the lassi recipe I picked up at the 2nd Annual Mango Festival was what my tummy was craving. It was delicious!

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Fresh Pineapple Mango Tropical Salsa with Rum

Fresh Pineapple Mango Tropical Salsa with Rum by Homemade & Yummy

Fresh Pineapple Mango Tropical Salsa with Rum is perfect for summer. Fresh fruit with a splash of rum, combine to make the perfect side for grilled meats and fish.

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PINEAPPLE and SPICE reversed CAKE torte

PINEAPPLE and SPICE reversed CAKE torte by Foodessa

I live in an area where many Haitian immigrants came to call home. This wonderful aromatic and great tasting torte somehow reminded me of the great spices Haitians use. For a detailed post...refer to:

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Tostones ol' Cuban way

Tostones ol' Cuban way by TinaTilapis

Fried green plantains.

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