Maman Dion's Old Fashioned Pea Soup

Maman Dion's Old Fashioned Pea Soup by Micheline

This is Celine Dion's mom recipe. This is an authentic French canadian pea soup recipe.

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Vermont Baked Beans

Vermont Baked Beans by Micheline

These are my favourite baked beans because they remain white when cooked and just sweet enough. I always double the recipe. Freezes well.

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Quinoa and Black bean Burgers

Quinoa and Black bean Burgers by Monocot

This is a great hearty Vegetarian meal Burger. The same amount of protein as a normal Burger, A ton of Fiber which is a must in my books. And so Flavorful, The Carrot adds such wonderful Color I Love Mexican Flavors I made mine more mexican Fun! I used Roasted red pepper Thin Burger buns for a little extra Flavor

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baked CHICKPEA and CHEESE pattie cakes

baked CHICKPEA and CHEESE pattie cakes by Foodessa

The versatile, buttery flavoured CHICK PEA holds its own on the legume circuit. Cottage cheese and aged Cheddar complement this Chick pea pattie. The additions of capers, Dijon and one of my favourite 'Pindjur' condiments made these cakes special. For a detailed post...refer to:…

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Healthy Spicy Chickpea Snack

Healthy Spicy Chickpea Snack by Micheline

This protein, folate, calcium, mineral and vitamin rich legume is ideal for a healthy, low fat, quick snack. Perfect for vegetarians.

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Healthy Mediterranean Tuna Avocado Salad

Healthy Mediterranean Tuna Avocado Salad by Homemade & Yummy

This Healthy Mediterranean Tuna Avocado Salad is packed with flavours, and hearty enough to be a meal. Dinner is ready in 15 minutes or less.

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Baked Beans

Baked Beans by A.L. Wiebe

I found this recipe in an old recipe book from the 1940's when I was a young bride in the early 1970's. At the time, I thought, "wow this is ancient"! lol. Well, after my disastrous first meatloaf (came out the size of a hockey puck lol), I forged ahead and gave this a try. How brave, but I finally succeeded! This has never failed…

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Maple Banana Muffins

Maple Banana Muffins by Jenefer

Mmm.. maple!

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Gluten free Lentil Flax Flat "bread"

Gluten free Lentil Flax Flat "bread" by Monocot

Insane easy and very Yummy! I bake mine in a pie plate and dip it in chili or stews. But its great with Hummus I added garlic and a bit of oregano into mine but its great without that. But you could make this into a pizza crust or into Biscuits. just Great!

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Quick Baked Beans

Quick Baked Beans by Orph

This is a baked bean dish that is sweetened with maple syrup only. No ketchup or processed sugar.

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Autumn Black Bean soup

Autumn Black Bean soup by seemichellecook

A thick comforting bean soup, perfect for chilly autumn nights

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EDAMAME yogurt spread

EDAMAME yogurt spread by Foodessa

Here's a very tasty and very versatile soybean spread. It's great on bread and, meat and poultry...or even thinned out as a salad dressing. For a detailed post...refer to:

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Ham (or Bacon) and Bean Chowder.

Ham (or Bacon) and Bean Chowder. by A.L. Wiebe

My version of this hearty, soup, loaded with navy beans and vegetables. I like plenty of stock to boil the beans in, so they don't scorch so easily, and the stock generally reduces with the brisk simmering. I make a roux to thicken the chowder a bit, but you can certainly skip this step if you prefer, just start with less stock.…

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Rum Mango Chili

Rum Mango Chili by Monocot

Not something you usually expect. But has a great taste that my friends adore Vegetarian with tons of beans Set it in a slow cooker and forget it!

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Black Bean Brownies with Peanut Butter Swirl

Black Bean Brownies with Peanut Butter Swirl by Gluten Free Chefery

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