Tuscan Mashed chickpeas

Tuscan Mashed chickpeas by Chez la mere

Grill some bread prior to serving

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one - bowl Chocolate cake

one - bowl Chocolate cake by Chez la mere

courtesy toronto star jennifer bain

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Coconut Oil Baking Powder Biscuits

Coconut Oil Baking Powder Biscuits by Monocot

I was a little skeptical about switching to coconut oil but I will never go back now. They have a light hint of Coconut but it's not very strong but they smell like coconut. No matter how quick you whip these together.No more having extra cold Butter! They come out LIght and Fluffy every time. You can see every Flaky Layer. We've…

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Green tomato muffins

Green tomato muffins by Micheline

Your green tomatoes will not have time to ripen. Use them to make these delicious, healthy muffins your whole family will love.

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Chewy Gingerbread Chocolate Chip Cookies for Santa

Chewy Gingerbread Chocolate Chip Cookies for Santa by Homemade & Yummy

Chewy Gingerbread Chocolate Chip Cookies are perfect to give and to receive. Gingerbread, chocolate and toffee all wrapped up in one delicious cookie.

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Boozy Bourbon Chocolate Fudge

Boozy Bourbon Chocolate Fudge by Homemade & Yummy

'Tis the season for sweet indulgence. This Boozy Bourbon Chocolate Fudge is great to GIVE and to RECEIVE. After all, who doesn't want homemade treats?

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Light Strawberry Mousse

Light Strawberry Mousse by Micheline

An easy, light, fluffy, creamy, strawberry mousse dessert to end an elegant meal.

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Cranberry Apple Sauce

Cranberry Apple Sauce by A.L. Wiebe

Delicious cranberry apple sauce with a twist.

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Strawberry Trifle

Strawberry Trifle by Micheline

This is a very appealing dessert made with fresh strawberries, angel food cake and sweet creamy layers. Serve it in a deep glass bowl or trifle bowl for a spectacular presentation. Prepare ahead as you will need to refrigerate for 4 to 6 hours.

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Fun Amish Country Bread

Fun Amish Country Bread by Ben

Lard is a popular baking ingredient among the Amish and it is regaining popularity among home bakers as a cheap alternative to shortening. This Amish white bread is a great recipe for beginners and for people who are just learning to bake with lard. Yield: 2 loaves

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Baked Oatmeal Donuts For Breakfast

Baked Oatmeal Donuts For Breakfast by Homemade & Yummy

Looking for a fun, healthy and delicious way to start your day? These Baked Oatmeal Donuts for Breakfast are easy to make and packed with nutritious ingredients. Who say’s donuts aren’t healthy?

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Banana Pumpkin Flax Muffins

Banana Pumpkin Flax Muffins by Monocot

Nice Blend of Pumpkin, Banana and the nuts had a shot of Light Nutty Flavor

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Easy Cabbage Unrolled

Easy Cabbage Unrolled by Micheline

This dish is the easier version of the traditional cabbage rolls recipe. It is easier to prepare as you do not have to fuss with the cabbage leaves and it tastes better. Give it a try.

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Candied Ginger Scones

Candied Ginger Scones by The Kitchen Magpie - Karlynn Johnston

These have been in the back of my mind for a while and I finally got around to making them. And I know I always say it, but really, these are my new favorite. I can say that because I only post my favorites, any recipe that isn’t worthy of the title “scone” is never posted. These are spicy with the ginger, crisp with the butter…

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Beet and Carrot Pancake/patty

Beet and Carrot Pancake/patty by Chez la mere

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