Vanilla Custard Sauce (British)

Vanilla Custard Sauce (British) by Marlin Rinehart

This sauce is served over steamed puddings, fruit crisps (crumbles), and any dessert that would be enhanced by a creamy vanilla sauce. It's the perfect homemade replacement for Byrd's Custard powder. One warning, however: 1) use a small, "thick-bottom" saucepan, and 2) cook over low heat and don't allow the mixture to boil or it will…

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Scottish Shortbread

Scottish Shortbread by Marlin Rinehart

This is the most famous cookie of Scotland. It’s a must to use pure butter. Traditionally, shortbread contains no other flavor. I’ve been making this recipe since 1970 when I got the recipe in Edinburgh, Scotland. The addition of a small amount of rice flour gives a firmness and crunchiness to the cookie. Most American recipes for…

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Speedy Sticky Lemon Chicken

Speedy Sticky Lemon Chicken by Hungry Jenny

A healthy takeaway alternative - it's much fresher and tastier to make your own sauce and you know exactly what's going in it too!

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Haddock and corn chowder with saffron

Haddock and corn chowder with saffron by Easy Cook - Laka kuharica

It is so easy and quick to make this creamy and light fish and corn chowder.

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Swiss Meringue

Swiss Meringue by Samantha Rivera

So as you may remember from an earlier post that I have never made Meringue. Being brought up with a healthy eating JammyMummy we had loads of scrumptious food, but, I don't remember meringue. Gingerbreadgran didn't cook it either. This probably explains its absence from my residual cooking memory. Inspired by this evenings…

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Summer Pudding

Summer Pudding by Guilt Free Cuisine by Fergyhun

A delicious classic English dessert which is completely fat free.

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Easy Broccoli and Cauliflower Gratin

Easy Broccoli and Cauliflower Gratin by Hungry Jenny

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Healthy Banana Coconut Choc Cookies

Healthy Banana Coconut Choc Cookies by Hungry Jenny

These will come out nice and soft, but should retain their shape after cooling. If you're able to wait for them to cool down before eating them, that it! These are very moreish...

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Raspberry Fool

Raspberry Fool by Erin S

Sweetened Whipped Cream with Raspberry Puree folded in

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Salmon and Pineapple Yogurt Rice

Salmon and Pineapple Yogurt Rice by Hungry Jenny

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Pineapple Stuffed Sweet Potato

Pineapple Stuffed Sweet Potato by Hungry Jenny

A really simple, but super tasty baked potato which is good for you and your skin too :-)

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Healthy Fruit and Nut bars

Healthy Fruit and Nut bars by Angie Wilkes

Homemade version of Nak'd bars. Easy to make, very versatile. If you love the taste of Nak’d bars, but you’re not so keen on the price, try making your own – you won’t believe how easy these are to make. This is the basic recipe for the bars, but you can add whatever flavourings you want. I’ve used vanilla, but I suggest…

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Orange Chicken and Mango Salad

Orange Chicken and Mango Salad by Hungry Jenny

This is an easy, speedy salad to make if you’re looking for a light dish. I like to make this as a small dinner if I plan to go to an exercise class later that evening – because it’s also packed with the high protein, fast-digesting food you’d need for a good workout!

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Mediterranean Seafood Pie

Mediterranean Seafood Pie by Hungry Jenny

I kind of threw this together and realised it was all sort of mediterranean! This is a very comforting dish :-)

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Berry Cottage Cheese Muffins

Berry Cottage Cheese Muffins by Hungry Jenny

Sweet, butter-free muffins!

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