Scouse by Colin Callan

Scouse was brought to Liverpool by Northern European sailors, it was originally called Labskause or lobskause. This was finally shortened to Skause and over time the spelling changed to the more Anglicised version we know and love today, Scouse. Interesting Note: The Danish name is "skipper labskovs". In Swedish, it's "kallops".…

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Vanilla Custard Sauce (British)

Vanilla Custard Sauce (British) by Marlin Rinehart

This sauce is served over steamed puddings, fruit crisps (crumbles), and any dessert that would be enhanced by a creamy vanilla sauce. It's the perfect homemade replacement for Byrd's Custard powder. One warning, however: 1) use a small, "thick-bottom" saucepan, and 2) cook over low heat and don't allow the mixture to boil or it will…

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Scottish Shortbread

Scottish Shortbread by Marlin Rinehart

This is the most famous cookie of Scotland. It’s a must to use pure butter. Traditionally, shortbread contains no other flavor. I’ve been making this recipe since 1970 when I got the recipe in Edinburgh, Scotland. The addition of a small amount of rice flour gives a firmness and crunchiness to the cookie. Most American recipes for…

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Guernsey Potato Peel Pie

Guernsey Potato Peel Pie by Nancy Miyasaki

Having just read the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society for my book club, I had to find a way to make a potato peel pie for meeting. After some research, it seems this potato peel pie is as fictional as the characters in the book so I found a recipe online and tweaked it slightly and came up with the following. If possible, it…

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Easter Ham & Egg Pie

Easter Ham & Egg Pie by Gina Geremia

To this day I still make my family’s Ham and Egg Pie recipe every Easter. And, as with many other recipes handed down to me, I count on my mother to repeat it to me each year when I realize I misplaced the last scrap of paper on which I jotted the recipe down the year before. That is sort of a tradition unto itself.

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Victoria Sponge

Victoria Sponge by Gina Geremia

I decided to make the cake how I would want it, by using a blend of fresh raspberries and strawberries mixed together with a blend of raspberry and strawberry jam and topped with a stabilized whipped cream, rather than just strawberry jam and a buttercream frosting. The result? To die for! Word on the street was that it was the best…

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Lorraine Pascale's Let them eat cake, cake

Lorraine Pascale's Let them eat cake, cake by Bella

This is recipe from her new book Fast, Fresh and Easy Food, and this cake is quick to make as it follows the 'all-in-one' method, the only long bit is sticking on all them malteasers!

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Cottage Pie

Cottage Pie by Reeni

This is a classic English one-dish meal that's layered in a casserole: beef first, followed by peas and corn, and then buttery garlic carrot mashed potatoes dolloped over top for the crust.

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Bailey's and Mascarpone Cake

Bailey's and Mascarpone Cake by Hungry Jenny

This is a wonderfully moist cake laced with Bailey's Irish cream. You will find it very hard not to eat more than one slice!

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Easy Classic Pickled Eggs Recipe

Easy Classic Pickled Eggs Recipe by Homemade & Yummy

A true pub favourite, this Easy Classic Pickled Eggs Recipe is done my way. So many variations competing for "the best" tasting egg.

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Yorkie Beef Pudding

Yorkie Beef Pudding by Micheline

This easy to prepare English style inspired yorkshire pudding dish is elegant enough to serve when you have guests as well as for a weeknight dinner.

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Haddock and corn chowder with saffron

Haddock and corn chowder with saffron by Easy Cook - Laka kuharica

It is so easy and quick to make this creamy and light fish and corn chowder.

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Healthy Banana Coconut Choc Cookies

Healthy Banana Coconut Choc Cookies by Hungry Jenny

These will come out nice and soft, but should retain their shape after cooling. If you're able to wait for them to cool down before eating them, that it! These are very moreish...

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Citrus-grilled Salmon with Mango Mint Salad

Citrus-grilled Salmon with Mango Mint Salad by Hungry Jenny

Grilled salmon is usually great as it is, but give it this citrus twist to add a bit more interest to it!

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Lorraine Pascale's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Zebra Cake

Lorraine Pascale's Crouching Tiger, Hidden Zebra Cake by Bella

I love making cakes that are a bit different but with cakes I always seem to revert back to my old favourites. I will always experiment with cupcakes, but cakes? No. Don't ask why, I think I just like the traditional choices and flavours such a Lemon Drizzle or Victoria Sponge (although I am a sucker for anything with jam!) One…

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