Guernsey Potato Peel Pie

Guernsey Potato Peel Pie by Nancy Miyasaki

Having just read the Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society for my book club, I had to find a way to make a potato peel pie for meeting. After some research, it seems this potato peel pie is as fictional as the characters in the book so I found a recipe online and tweaked it slightly and came up with the following. If possible, it…

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Vanilla Custard Sauce (British)

Vanilla Custard Sauce (British) by Marlin Rinehart

This sauce is served over steamed puddings, fruit crisps (crumbles), and any dessert that would be enhanced by a creamy vanilla sauce. It's the perfect homemade replacement for Byrd's Custard powder. One warning, however: 1) use a small, "thick-bottom" saucepan, and 2) cook over low heat and don't allow the mixture to boil or it will…

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Scottish Shortbread

Scottish Shortbread by Marlin Rinehart

This is the most famous cookie of Scotland. It’s a must to use pure butter. Traditionally, shortbread contains no other flavor. I’ve been making this recipe since 1970 when I got the recipe in Edinburgh, Scotland. The addition of a small amount of rice flour gives a firmness and crunchiness to the cookie. Most American recipes for…

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Scouse by Colin Callan

Scouse was brought to Liverpool by Northern European sailors, it was originally called Labskause or lobskause. This was finally shortened to Skause and over time the spelling changed to the more Anglicised version we know and love today, Scouse. Interesting Note: The Danish name is "skipper labskovs". In Swedish, it's "kallops".…

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Easy Classic Pickled Eggs Recipe

Easy Classic Pickled Eggs Recipe by Homemade & Yummy

A true pub favourite, this Easy Classic Pickled Eggs Recipe is done my way. So many variations competing for "the best" tasting egg.

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Butter and Flour Free Chocolate Cake

Butter and Flour Free Chocolate Cake by Hungry Jenny

This contains chickpeas which might sound strange but actually works really well! It doesn't taste particularly 'chickpea'-like and is still incredibly moist despite having no butter. You can easily make this completely gluten-free by using gluten-free baking powder too. This was made in an 8" square tin.

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Orange Chicken and Mango Salad

Orange Chicken and Mango Salad by Hungry Jenny

This is an easy, speedy salad to make if you’re looking for a light dish. I like to make this as a small dinner if I plan to go to an exercise class later that evening – because it’s also packed with the high protein, fast-digesting food you’d need for a good workout!

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English Roast Beef

English Roast Beef by ruth martins

Traditional English Sunday Beef Roast Dinner

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Old-fashioned potted crab

Old-fashioned potted crab by Guest of winter

To pot crab was originally a short-term preserving method. Now it's a delicacy of crab meat, butter and herbs to serve as a spread.

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Travel Gingerbread Cookies

Travel Gingerbread Cookies by Hungry Jenny

Make these soft gingerbread cookies to take on your travels if you suffer from travel sickness - the calming effects that ginger has on the stomach should help to relieve the symptoms. Perfect for kids too. They should be lightly golden and still a little soft when you take them out - they will firm up a little as they cool down…

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Bailey's and Mascarpone Cake

Bailey's and Mascarpone Cake by Hungry Jenny

This is a wonderfully moist cake laced with Bailey's Irish cream. You will find it very hard not to eat more than one slice!

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Healthy Banana Coconut Choc Cookies

Healthy Banana Coconut Choc Cookies by Hungry Jenny

These will come out nice and soft, but should retain their shape after cooling. If you're able to wait for them to cool down before eating them, that it! These are very moreish...

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Mini Paprika Chicken Pies

Mini Paprika Chicken Pies by Hungry Jenny

Perfect to make in single serving portions, this is a simple pie that is quick to make from store cupboard ingredients.

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Polish Apple Cake

Polish Apple Cake by Ren Behan

This is made to a recipe given to me by my mother. Stew your fruit first, cool and then add it to the batter. It works perfectly as a tea-time treat or with afternoon tea.

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My Scottish Granny's Scone Recipe

My Scottish Granny's Scone Recipe by Johanna

This recipe came from her mother Catherine Gillies from Snizort on Skye - born 1879. Before that, I think it came from my great grandmother Flora Gillies, a Highland crofter's wife (orginally from Raasay).

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