Gatnabour; Rice Pudding

Gatnabour; Rice Pudding by Two Southern Girls

What is Gatnabour you ask, it's warm Armenian Rice Pudding that's embedded in my childhood memories.

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Armenian Red Lentil Balls - Vospov Kheyma

Armenian Red Lentil Balls - Vospov Kheyma by John Spottiswood

Traditionally, Kheyma is a made with meat (raw beef patty). However, during Lent many Armenians prefer Vospov Kheyma as a vegetarian alternative. Our friends the Bedrosians brought these over as an appetizer last night. He said it was a bit spicier than his mother usually made, but we all thought they were perfect. If you want less…

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Sou Barag (cheese filling)

Sou Barag (cheese filling) by Bob Michaelian

An Armenian delicacy, these cheese and phyllo turnovers are certain to be a big hit at your next cocktail party. My sister and I grew up with our mother making these for special occasions... and while they are somewhat labor intensive, the reward is in the finished product. Simply delicious!

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Eggplant and Peas Stew

Eggplant and Peas Stew by John Spottiswood

This recipe was invented by my good friend Brian Bedrosian. He recommends that you "Should drink red wine while cooking and eating for best results." I haven't tried this one yet...but every other Armenian concoction I've tasted of Brian's has been outstanding!

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Chicken and Eggplant Stew

Chicken and Eggplant Stew by Nancy Miyasaki

This recipe was given to me by my good friend Brian Bedrosian. He raved about it, so we made it last night. It was very tasty. Our kids all ate second helpings and we ended up with nothing left! I altered his ingredients just slightly, and show that in parenthesis below. We served this over a simple bulgur pilaf made with half…

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ekrum by ekrum

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Flank Steak Stir Fry III (ORGANIC BEEF)

Flank Steak Stir Fry III (ORGANIC BEEF) by Tony Hall

Missouri Legacy Beef Flank Steak (Columbia, MO) was once again the centerpiece for tonight’s stir fry. The revision for this recipe was the addition of Organic Soba noodles and a little variation on the veggies and spices; serves 3-4.

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Bulgar Pilaf

Bulgar Pilaf by Yvette Bedrosian

Bulgar, cracked wheat kernals, makes a delicious and hearty side for lamb, vegetable, and hearty grilled fish like salmon.

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Tobasco Potatoes

Tobasco Potatoes by Mama D

I created this potato dish to go with anything grilled. It has become a family staple. I always try to make a little extra for leftovers, but they seem to disappear. Adjust the Tobasco sauce to your heat tolerance. You can use more than you think since a lot drips off in the grill. If you are going to make them on the stove, use less…

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Fasouliah by Sarah

This is a tomato based Armenian green bean and beef stew. It is a very traditional dish that can be eaten on it's own, with pita bread or as a main course over rice.

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Chicken and Cabbage Supreme

Chicken and Cabbage Supreme by dan

Chicken and cabbage with a light and healthy twist

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