Grilled Shrimp

Grilled Shrimp by Nancy Miyasaki

This is a very tasty grilled shrimp recipe. The ingredients don't sound like they would go together that well, but the result is fantastic. Try this summer on the grill. My kids loved it..with 9 year old Kyle finishing off 2 whole skewers!

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Swai with Lemon-Basil Pesto

Swai with Lemon-Basil Pesto by John Spottiswood

We made this dish with Swai, but it would work equally well with basa, tilapia, catfish, sole, or any other mild and flaky white fish. The pesto is bright and citrusy and contrasts well with the mild, garlicky flavor of the fish. Our kids loved it and all went back for seconds. We served it with fresh artichoke and rice.

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Simple Himalayan Salt Block Salmon

Simple Himalayan Salt Block Salmon by John Spottiswood

My wife got me a Himalayan Salt Block to try grilling on this summer. We made our first attempt last night with salmon, trying it two ways. This is the first...a very simple effort and very delicious. My instinct with the salt block is that I am going to enjoy simple recipes the best, since they will allow the flavor of the salt…

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Asian-style Himalayan Salt Block Salmon

Asian-style Himalayan Salt Block Salmon by John Spottiswood

This is another great way to prepare salmon on a Himalayan Salt Block. if you like salmon with asian spices, you'll definitely enjoy this. I adapted this from a recipe by chef Mark Winters.

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Halibut Over Wilted Escarole

Halibut Over Wilted Escarole by JoannE.

Escarole has broad leaves and is less bitter then other members of the endive family. Despite the difference in appearance, it has almost the same taste as radicchio. High in folic acid, fiber, and vitamins A and K it thrives in the fall growing season *Sea Bass, Salmon or Tilapia can easily be substitute for halibut. The same 8…

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In the Raw…Ceviche!

In the Raw…Ceviche! by Justin Thyme

Ceviche (also spelled as cebiche or seviche) is a citrus-marinated seafood, its birthplace is disputed between Peru and Ecuador.[1] Although it is a typical dish of both countries, many other countries in Latin America have adopted it, with variations. Both fish and shellfish can be used in the preparation of ceviche. In Peru, it…

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Lemon Paprika Tilapia

Lemon Paprika Tilapia by John Spottiswood

This is a delicious version of Tilapia that we adapted from a Bon Appetit recipe. We served it with the quinoa recipe linked below. It was a great combination. I put only a small amount of the sauce over the fish as the salt/pepper/paprika tilapia sauteed with a little butter is delicious all by itself!

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Flavorful Grilled Shrimp

Flavorful Grilled Shrimp by John Spottiswood

This is a classic grilled shrimp recipe originally from Craig Clairborne's NYT cookbook, then adapted by Ina Garten, and then finally perfected by me. :-) Seriously, this is a wonderful staple to have in your pantry of recipes. You can serve this over pasta (which we did the other night), as an appetizer with a variety of dipping…

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Shrimp Creole

Shrimp Creole by John Spottiswood

This isn't all that fancy or exotic, but it's a wonderfully rich and fully flavored. If you want greater authenticity, you can substitute butter where I have used olive oil. I love butter, but try to control it for health reasons. It's delicious as I have made it, so no need to add the extra butter in my opinion.

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Pan-fried Soft Shell Crab with "Italian" Coleslaw

Pan-fried Soft Shell Crab with "Italian" Coleslaw by Frank Fariello

One of the things I miss most about Italy is the wonderful Mediterranean seafood. But there is at least one area where North America may best the old country--soft-shell crab, especially here on the shores of the Chesapeake Bay.Those of us living here are especially lucky to have the exquisite soft-shell blue crab, whose season begins…

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Maryland-style Crab Cakes

Maryland-style Crab Cakes by Frank Fariello

There are lots of ways of making crab cakes, but the basic ingredients are crab meat (obviously!), preferably either lump--which I used--or backfin, mayonnaise, egg and just enough bread crumbs to bind the mixture.

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Blackened Tilapia

Blackened Tilapia by Frank Fariello

You may be thinking that we eat nothing but rich Italian dishes in our house. Well, it is true that we mostly eat Italian--and why not, no other cuisine that I know of has so many dishes that are quick, easy, healthy and, to my taste at least, delicious. But from time to time I do branch out and prepare other kinds of food. Here's a…

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Grilled Salmon and Pineapple with Avocado salsa

Grilled Salmon and Pineapple with Avocado salsa by John Spottiswood

None of our kids thought they were going to like the grilled pineapple in this recipe, but they all ended up loving it and we had none left over! The avocado salsa is mild and complements the salmon nicely without over powering it. The dish is beautiful and would be good for entertaining, but the meal is also easy enough for a week…

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Scallops in a snap

Scallops in a snap by Joanne

Easy Eats: Scallops are one of the easiest meals to put on the table. If you are short on time, cook scallops.

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Grilled Grouper with Quinoa, Asparagus, Mint, and Meyer Lemon Dressing

Grilled Grouper with Quinoa, Asparagus, Mint, and Meyer Lemon Dressing by Debi Shawcross

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