Baked Eggs in Avocado with Bacon

Baked Eggs in Avocado with Bacon by Blackswan

Avocado is prized for its high nutrient, & do you know that this fruit can lower your cholesterol & triglyceride levels? Make this Delicious Baked Eggs in Avocado with Bacon your healthy breakfast treat now!

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Crustless Miniature Quiche

Crustless Miniature Quiche by Clarisa Skinner

This recipe was inspired by Shelly at

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Jelly Bean Sugar Cookies

Jelly Bean Sugar Cookies by Peanut Butter and Peppers

An adorable little sugar cookie that is sure to put a smile on anyone's face. This cookie is soft on the inside, slightly chewy with lightly crispy outer.

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Bacon & Egg Puff Frittata

Bacon & Egg Puff Frittata by "Cheffie Cooks"

Great for breakfast, BRUNCH, LUNCH OR DINNER. Serve with fresh fruit and muffins.

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Shakshuka by Meera Nalavadi

A tasty spicy brunch recipe made with tomato vegetable sauce and topped with poached eggs

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Amazing Muffin Cups

Amazing Muffin Cups by Kelly Christensen

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Mushroom, Bacon And Onion Tart

Mushroom, Bacon And Onion Tart by Robyn Savoie

This appears to be more of a quiche than a tart. Whatever you wish to call it, it's delicious! Great to serve with a Sunday Brunch with friends and family.

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Tom's Creamy Scrambled Eggs

Tom's Creamy Scrambled Eggs by Salad Foodie

This recipe is so simple I was reluctant to post it. But I had never tasted eggs cooked this way before Tom served some to me, and I was hooked. The secrets are to scramble the eggs "soft" so they are very moist, and add the cream cheese right at the end so there are visible streaks throughout. So simple - so divine!

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Amish Christmas Cookies - nuwave ovens

Amish Christmas Cookies - nuwave ovens by Wendy Jarvis

I modified this family favorite to work in my Nuwave oven. This also works in a Flavorwave oven as well.

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Decorative Easter-Egg Chicks

Decorative Easter-Egg Chicks by "Cheffie Cooks"

Perfect centerpiece for your Easter Appetizer Table!

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Open Face Beef & Egg Sandwich with Sauteed Onion & Tomato

Open Face Beef & Egg Sandwich with Sauteed Onion & Tomato by Wendi Taylor

This delicious meal is super simple, uses only a few ingredients, and makes a great main course for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Don't let the number of steps scare you - I tend to break it down to ridiculously detailed instructions so it's easy for anyone to understand (there are a lot of readers using translation software, and…

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Dutch Oven Pancakes

Dutch Oven Pancakes by Kelly Christensen

This is a wonderful recipe and very easy to serve when guests are in the house. The rises beautifully in the oven and the edges are as delicious as the center.

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Buck's Sawmill Eggs

Buck's Sawmill Eggs by Vanessa

Named after my Dad, the title tells it all. I loved going to see my Dad when he worked at a sawmill when I was a little girl. The smell and sounds of any sawmill reminds me of him. I was so thankful to the Lord for letting me be part of Dad’s life for 48 years. He taught me a whole lot and I hope and pray that I will remember…

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Basic Omelette

Basic Omelette by ShaleeDP

Egg is one of the basic food that my daughter loves. She is very much into sunny-side-ups while I enjoy omelettes. I like to taste different types of it. This is my basic omelette that I never cease to enjoy eating.

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Scrambled Egg & Cheese & Bacon Bake

Scrambled Egg & Cheese & Bacon Bake by "Cheffie Cooks"

Just a great, easy, breakfast or brunch option.

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