Lamb Meatball and Fava Bean Tagine / Morocco

Lamb Meatball and Fava Bean Tagine / Morocco by Amos Miller

This is truly a hand-crafted meal - it takes time. I know that only the most devoted will make this. But it is nothing short of spectacular and was my favorite Spring dish. I'd eat it weekly. This is how I recall Mina made for me when I lived in Marrakech. I'm sharing it just because it is a personal favorite and, for guests,…

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Moroccan fish ....yum!

Moroccan fish ....yum! by debbie markham

Potato, Vegies & Fish for a complete balanced Gluten Free Meal

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Cucumber & Tomato Condiment

Cucumber & Tomato Condiment by Amos Miller

This is a very finely-minced salad-condiment commonly found in the northern mountains of Morocco. It is eaten with roast meats and substantial meat dishes. Most Moroccan salads benefit from a bit of quiet time so the flavors can integrate and the aromas build. This is very tasty as a topping for hamburgers, and can even be a dip,…

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Moroccan Poached Pears with Prunes

Moroccan Poached Pears with Prunes by Amos Miller

Poached pears are always an elegant dessert, but this super simple recipe is simply the best! This easy prep dish can be made a couple of days ahead of service, and you guests will be totally blown away, as mine have been. My dear friend, Paula Wolfert was given this recipe by Chef Fatima Mountassamin of the restaurant Le…

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Gluten Free Moroccan Meatloaf

Gluten Free Moroccan Meatloaf by Gluten Free Chefery

Meatloaf with a kick! You're going to love it!

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Amaranth and Roast Veggie Salad

Amaranth and Roast Veggie Salad by Leaine's Kitchen

Amaranth is a gluten free grain, which I stumbled upon quite by accident. I knew nothing about Amaranth - I had never even heard of it before. So, I did what any self respecting person would do and I googled it (after I bought it and took it home that is).It is a tiny grain, which I assumed would fluff up like couscous, but it doesn't…

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Zesty Lemon and Asparagus Pasta

Zesty Lemon and Asparagus Pasta by Leaine's Kitchen

I love asparagus because it is so versatile and very good for you - packed full of vitamins and minerals! I enjoy asparagus best when cooked in its simplicity; in a little water until the colour pops and it is still crunchy.

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Moroccan rubbed chicken

Moroccan rubbed chicken by Renu Guru

This Moroccan chicken is Gluten-free’ and it’s perfect! And if you take the chicken out, it can be vegetarian as well.

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