Moroccan Vegetable Tagine

Moroccan Vegetable Tagine by mamatkamal

Usually, in Morocco the term Tagine means the combination of meat or fish with vegetables but this one is for vegetarians who want to try something different, and even meat-eaters will love this flavour-packed vegetable Tagine. Try it and feel free to add or suggest improvements or variations! If you don't have a tagine, you can use…

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Moroccan Tagine of Mutton with Green Beans and Olives

Moroccan Tagine of Mutton with Green Beans and Olives by mamatkamal

Mutton meat is largely used in Moroccan Tagines, known as "Mouton" and it is a rich and flavoured meat. You could make the same tagine with chicken but you have probably knock a few minutes off the cooking time. This is one of my mother's recipe in which all the ingredients used make a delectable combo. Great combination! If you…

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Granny"s pickled fish

Granny"s pickled fish by Judy fraschia

Spiced pickled fish, served cold with an assortment of salads. This dish is especially popular during the passover

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Aubergines al forno

Aubergines al forno by Judy fraschia

Suitable for lunch or supper, nutritious and satisfying dish

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Empty the fridge muffins

Empty the fridge muffins by Judy fraschia

Create these left-overs into something tasty, suitable as a light luncheon or canapes

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Sweetcorn and crab entree

Sweetcorn and crab entree by Judy fraschia

Delicious, impressive, and not expensive

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A quickie snack

A quickie snack by Judy fraschia

Planning and freezing makes you a super mom...cut to the desired size and refreeze the rest

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Savoury tart with ham

Savoury tart with ham by Judy fraschia

A potato crust with lovely filling, a little goes a long way Note: make two... Freeze without baking the second one. You never know when it will come in handy with unexpected guests/ drama

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Instant supper

Instant supper by Judy fraschia

Make two, save one Also good to fill muffin tins for student's lunch boxes

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Crustless salmon quiche

Crustless salmon quiche by Judy fraschia

A quiche suitable for party snacks or light meal

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Pilchard surprise economy

Pilchard surprise economy by Judy fraschia

MIddle of the month economy

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Preserving beans and peas

Preserving beans and peas by Judy fraschia

When you have fresh garden veggies, this recipe will assist you to preserve them out of season, while preserving the taste, color without having to freeze them.

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Sticky Chicken

Sticky Chicken by Thalia

This is a winner for quick and easy party treats. I normally use chicken wings and legs for parties. When it comes to the sauce you need to taste it before you pour over your chicken because it depends on the type of soya you use to the quantity of sugar. I used a very salty soya sauce that's why I used the cup of sugar but first put…

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Lamb and cabbage rissoles (meat Balls)

Lamb and cabbage rissoles (meat Balls) by Peter Brown

Browseing through some recipes I camr accross this very tasty meat ball with a difference done by Henrie Geyser This tasty dish is a combination of Greek, Italian and Asian flavours suggest you serve it with other oven-roasted extras such as roasted beetroot, pumpkin and potato or other choices. The sauce the rissoles are baked in…

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Butternut Bredie

Butternut Bredie by Peter Brown

A Bredie in South Africa is a stew. This recipe comes from Tannie Evita (Auntie Evita) a afrikaans lady portrayed by the comedian Pieter Dirk Uys . It's a straight-forward, non-fussy recipe, so it's one you'll be able to throw together during a busy week day to ensure your family gets a nutritious yet tasty dinner.

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