Barbecued Lamb Moroccan Style

Barbecued Lamb Moroccan Style by John Spottiswood

This is a traditional northern african recipe called Mechouie. It's normally done with a whole lamb, but I BBQ a boneless leg of lamb butterflied

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Moroccan fish ....yum!

Moroccan fish ....yum! by debbie markham

Potato, Vegies & Fish for a complete balanced Gluten Free Meal

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Moroccan Short Ribs

Moroccan Short Ribs by Nancy Miyasaki

This yummy short ribs recipe is full of delicious flavors and lots of colorful and tasty vegetables. It goes great over couscous or mashed potatoes. If serving with couscous, add slivered almonds and dried currents. That will add a nice sweetness and nuttiness to the dish.

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Zambian Feast

Zambian Feast by Erik Feldman

This is meal I absolutely crave. I lived in Zambia for a couple of years and when envited to someones inganda (read: house) for dinner or any special occasion, this is a version of what was served. In this case I chose rabbit, but it can be substituted with chicken or nutria. You eat this with your hands.

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Tilapia Broiled Egyptian Style

Tilapia Broiled Egyptian Style by John Spottiswood

We adopted this recipe from our Egyptian babysitter in San Francisco named Hoda. We came to her house once to pick up our son and were greeted by the most amazing smell! She invited us to take a bite of the tilapia she had cooked. We were smitten. It was the first broiled, then soaked, recipe we had tasted, and it is still one of…

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Salsa Roja de Tomatillos

Salsa Roja de Tomatillos by Rocio Herbert

Red Mexican Salsa. Great with Chips and Margaritas for that Cinco de Mayo Celebration!

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Black eyed pea salad

Black eyed pea salad by Carol E. Smith

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Moroccan Bean Dip - Bessara

Moroccan Bean Dip - Bessara by John Spottiswood

If you like hummus, you will also like this simple and tasty bean dip. Fava beans are preferred, but Lima beans work well too. You can thin down the dip with chicken or vegetable stock to make a tasty bean soup.

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Moroccan Lamb, Dates & Honey Tagine

Moroccan Lamb, Dates & Honey Tagine by John Spottiswood

This dish has a luscious mix of honey, cinnamon, lamb, dates and almonds. It is rich without being too heavy. It tastes fantastic with red wine. Old world food that will make you feel like a wealthy Sultan!

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Moroccan Fish Soup

Moroccan Fish Soup by John Spottiswood

This is a flavorful, spicy soup that happens to be Moroccan but will remind you of fish soups found from Spain to Russia. It is a classic! Serves 4 as a main dish, 6 as an appetizer.

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Mediterranean Tomato Relish

Mediterranean Tomato Relish by Mark Tabak

This is a great relish for fish and chicken, especially in the height of tomato season

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moroccan chicken kabob tapas

moroccan chicken kabob tapas by John Spottiswood

These kabobs are of Moroccan origin and are referred to as Pinchos in tapas lore. If you are not a huge fan of peanuts or onions, try this recipe. If you like peanuts and onions, you'll find our other moroccan chicken kabob recipe a bit more flavorful.

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Nkatekwan (groundnut soup)

Nkatekwan (groundnut soup) by Chris Patil

This is a vegetarian adaptation of a traditional Ghanaian soup usually made with chicken.

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Couscous Salad

Couscous Salad by Lyndsey

My favorite side dish to take to picnics or bbq's

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