Sweet Potato Bake

Sweet Potato Bake by Peter Brown

An excellent accompaniment to a roast or can be eaten as a dessert

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Parsnip and potato bake

Parsnip and potato bake by Peter Brown

A Recipe found in byH Geyser Parsnips and potatoes go delightfully well together, particularly if they are married with the blessings of garlic, cream and cheese. I love this dish for its taste and simplicity and for the fact that it goes equally well with a variety of meats such as bacon, ham, gammon, kassler chops, ,…

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Mummys Potatoes

Mummys Potatoes by Maggie

This is a quick meal and yet complete in itself. Enjoyable and delicious. My family totally loves them, and since we didnt have a name for it, they called it Mummy's potatoes, then later evolved to Maggie's Potatoes. I first had this meal at a friend's place. I developed my own recipe from that

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