Beer marinated pork chops

Beer marinated pork chops by Peter Brown

When selecting pork chops for this dish make sure they are evenly sliced so that they are all ready at the same time. The chops should also have a good circle of fat because this adds to the flavour. To extract the best flavour from the marinade it is best to soak the meat overnight in a covered dish in the refrigerator, otherwise…

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Crispy Pork Belly

Crispy Pork Belly by Peter Brown

A wonderful roast, full of flavour,great the next day as cold meat More good ideas: Serve pork with plum sauce or top thick slices of fresh bread with sliced pork and apple chutney. I found this recipe in one of our Supermarket pamphlets,trid it and its great

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Rack of Pork and Beans

Rack of Pork and Beans by Nina Timm

This robust, rustic meal is perfect for lazy Sundays or a meal around the fire.

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Slow-cooked pork in banana leaves

Slow-cooked pork in banana leaves by Evelyn Adlam

Cooking the pork in smoked banana leaves gives the dish an unbelievable flavour.

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Baked Pork Bangers with Apples

Baked Pork Bangers with Apples by Peter Brown

This is a dish for when you want a tasty and easy to make one-dish meal without having to spend hours in the kitchen. use good pork sausages and a combination of sweet potatoes, onions, quince or apples, and carrots, but you can use a combination to suit whatever you feel like and whatever is fresh .These include potatoes, butternut,…

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BACON BANGERS by Peter Brown

With World Cup Rugby matches being screened in the morning in a lot of countries, does that mean we should give up braaiing (barbeque)? The answer is a resounding, "no!" And quite rightly. Here's a compromise. Whilst watching the rugby this weekend, try these delectable savoury-sweet morsels that could pass as breakfast yummies...

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Pork Chop with Apple Salad

Pork Chop with Apple Salad by Peter Brown

Pork and apple form a very tasty relationship, Apples are particularly tasty when oven-roasted with pork or when mashed in with potatoes and mustard for an interesting take on ordinary mash potatoes as we know it. In this recipe the apple with its sharp mustard dressing really enhances the taste of the pork chops. To give a…

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Smokey pork chops & coleslaw

Smokey pork chops & coleslaw by Peter Brown

Ginger the predominant taste in this recipe, is a much favoured winter food ingredient so use it liberally in stews, soups, curries and also in vegetables. Pickled ginger, in particular, is lovely to work with and it is a very good standby for adding to salads, rice, couscous and even pasta. we will be using ginger and coriander…

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Sticky Pork Chops

Sticky Pork Chops by Peter Brown

Quick and easy for a supper . good taste too

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