Classic Cioppino

Classic Cioppino by John Spottiswood

This is a traditional Cioppino base recipe for you to play with. Cioppino is a simple and hearty fish stew originally cooked by Italian fisherman on the California coast. Don't worry too much about what sort of fish or shellfish you put in it. Just keep it simple with these basic ingredients. The easier the you'll be…

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Pastini Soup

Pastini Soup by Suzy

This recipe has been handed down for many years in my family. Delicious Italian soup! I tend to add ingredients without measuring so I am giving the best estimates on ingredient measurements.

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Make Olive Garden’s Delicious Pasta Fagioli at Home

Make Olive Garden’s Delicious Pasta Fagioli at Home by Skinny Kitchen with Nancy Fox

You’ll love, love, love this rich and hearty soup! It tastes very similar to the pasta e fagioli at Olive Garden. It’s one of the lowest-fat items on the Olive Garden menu, with 2.5 of fat per serving. Our recipe actually contains more calories than theirs does because we’ve added more beans and veggies. The skinny on 1 cup of…

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Mom's Pastina Egg drop soup

Mom's Pastina Egg drop soup by LinKev

My mom used to cook pastina for us kids a lot, she had four kids and she always made sure that we always had some kind of protein in us. So the eggs of course was one of them, She even used to make it without the eggs when we used to have the flu it was like a chicken soup but without the chicken. We loved it . I remember she even…

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Minestrone Romagna Style

Minestrone Romagna Style by John Spottiswood

This is the way minestrone is made in Romagna. It's not a lot of prep time, but you simmer the soup for a long time until all of the vegetable flavors mellow into one mild but delicious soup. The subtle flavors of this soup are even more delicious the next day, so it is a good dish to prepare in advance of guests arriving for a…

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These classic Italian beans are a medium large tan bean, splashed with red/black to magenta streaks. It is very popular in Italian and Portuguese cuisine. They are also known as Cranberry beans in the US. If you can't find Borlotti beans, you can always use pinto beans.

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Pasta e fagioli

Pasta e fagioli by Frank Fariello

Pasta e fagioli, or pasta and beans, which goes by the amusing nickname 'pasta fazool' in Italian-American slang, is one of the most internationally famous dishes in the entire Italian repertoire. It is, however, a victim of its own success, and is too often made badly, very badly, which is why I would never order this dish in a…

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carrabbas spicy chicken soup

carrabbas spicy chicken soup by debbie smith

spicy chicken soup

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Italian Wedding Soup with Turkey Meatballs

Italian Wedding Soup with Turkey Meatballs by Salad Foodie

Italian-American in origin, this soup was really misnamed. “Wedding soup” is a mistranslation of the Italian language for 'minestra maritata', a reference to the fact that greens and meat go well together. (Well that’s a good marriage isn’t it?) I looked at several recipes of this popular soup, selected aspects of a few, added some…

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Italian Wedding Soup

Italian Wedding Soup by Nancy Miyasaki

This recipe is simple and delicious. Our kids loved the turkey meatballs. It's got a relatively mellow flavor akin to chicken noodle, but a bit more interesting and complex. Great comfort food with a healthier twist!

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Tuscan Vegetable Soup - La Ribollita

Tuscan Vegetable Soup - La Ribollita by John Spottiswood

We made a heaping pot of this up at Heavenly Valley last week when up there for ski week. It was the perfect capstone to a wonderful day snow boarding. We were limited to vegetables we could find at the local supermarket, and substituted regular green cabbage for the black leaf Kale. While it was still good, I would recommend…

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Braised Chicken & Sausage with Kale & Spinach

Braised Chicken & Sausage with Kale & Spinach by Bob Vincent

This braised chicken dish is a good choice on a cool night. Add a salad along with crusty bread and your family will surely be full by the end of the meal. Any cut of chicken can be used but if you use breasts be careful not to over cook them as they will dry out. I used garbanzo beans for the legume but others would work as well.…

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Guest post at Peasant Chef – Minestrone soup

Guest post at Peasant Chef – Minestrone soup by Citronetvanille

Dachary Carey of The Peasant Chef, asked me if I would be interested in a guest post discussing healthy food, organic and local raised products and why I decided to be a chef. I thought that Peasant Chef was really in line with my values and beliefs and without hesitation accepted the invitation. I wanted to feature a traditional and…

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Speedy Italian Meatball Soup

Speedy Italian Meatball Soup by Penny Hawkins

This yummy soup makes use of one of my favorite supermarket shortcuts- frozen meatballs! Your family will love the taste, and you'll love how quick and easy this is to prepare, because you can go from stove to table in under 30 minutes! My favorite tip for this recipe: This recipe is easily doubled and freezes well. Thaw overnight…

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Bread Soup

Bread Soup by Judy Rodgers

Here is an easy-to-remember recipe for delicious, hearty Tuscan-style bread and vegetable soup. It calls for equal amounts of each vegetable, and then you build the soup starting with the firmest vegetables, finishing with the tenderest ones. You can certainly adjust, or estimate, the amounts of any or all ingredients, but if you’ve…

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