nutella banana brownies

nutella banana brownies by sue

so moist and so good

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Homemade Goldfish

Homemade Goldfish by Erin S

Your favorite fish cracker made at home - SUPER Easy!

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Autumn Survival Comfort Bars

Autumn Survival Comfort Bars by Emily H

The original name for this recipe was "survival bars", which originated in the fact that my partner used to make them for me during stressful, time-crunch periods in university. However, the name is a little misleading as there are many super calorie-nutrient rich bars out there also called survival bars. While fairly healthful, these…

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Get Up and Go Healthy Muffins

Get Up and Go Healthy Muffins by Aspen Lee-Moulden

I have been playing with muffin recipes trying to create healthy snacks for my family. This is my latest creation. As you can see, I packed as much fiber into these as possible. They are pretty good if you like whole grain goodness - this recipe could also be used as a base for creating any kind of whole grain muffin. These are…

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Rice Crispy Muffins

Rice Crispy Muffins by Korinna

This is so easy to make and yet delicious. Even tough I do not like rice crispies at all I enjoy these muffins. I was acctually looking for a recipe like this here but could not find it so i posted my recipe here. In Iceland you will hardly find a potluck where these are not one of the treats. But don't be late as they are usually…

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Bullet proof bread

Bullet proof bread by The up side down chef

If this delicious bread doesn't break your teeth you're sure to love love it especially if you're getting pounded by bullets if I had a set of armor made out of this stuff I would feel perfectly safe

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Chocolate chip cookies, easier that buying:-)

Chocolate chip cookies, easier that buying:-) by Helenscooking

These chocolate chip cookies recipe were borrowed from website. I have changed the ingredients list a little bit, but the best part of this recipe is it’s very fast, very simple and may be cooked with your eyes closed. You kids will <3 this cookies, they are” crispy on the edges and chewy inside”, as the author Dora…

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Banana fig muffins

Banana fig muffins by Charlotte

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