White Cabbage and Cauliflower Salad

White Cabbage and Cauliflower Salad by Guilt Free Cuisine by Fergyhun

This crunchy salad has an interesting combination of flavors and is a good alternative to coleslaw.

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Colorful Bean 'N' Corn Salad

Colorful Bean 'N' Corn Salad by kimberly sullivan

This salad is a great way to enjoy vegetables and is a terrific dish to bring along to potlucks! This recipes needs to be planned ahead of time because it needs to chill so that the flavors may "blend". The marinade proves to be a miracle of it's own!!

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Curried Cucumbers

Curried Cucumbers by Sheila McClune

Cucumber slices marinated in vinegar seasoned with curry powder. An excellent salad, snack, or side dish.

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Grandma W's Cooked Coleslaw Dressing

Grandma W's Cooked Coleslaw Dressing by Renee Bryant

A tangy sweet dressing. One recipe will make two batches using 16 oz. pre-shredded bags of cabbage. Toss your preferred dressing amount with cabbage just prior to eating.

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Summertime, Anytime Salad

Summertime, Anytime Salad by Linda Oefelein

This is a delightful and delicious light and quick salad that everyone will enjoy - summertime or anytime!!

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Blueberry & Almond Brunch Slaw

Blueberry & Almond Brunch Slaw by Salad Foodie

About to make a small amount of coleslaw one day an inspiration came to me to make a fruited version with blueberries. But then I couldn’t stop at that - what would compliment the blueberries? Almonds! Next a binder sauce of yogurt , and quickly this little salad-making side trip became a beautiful and healthy brunch slaw! You’ll…

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Home-made Thousand Island Dressing

Home-made Thousand Island Dressing by Karen Robertson Hutchins

I love thousand island dressing and to make it is so easy! It taste better than the store bought stuff, too!!! Hope you enjoy it!! Making it with fat free mayo, and the sugar free pickle relish reduces the calorie content to 35 calories a table spoon.

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Summer Time Salad

Summer Time Salad by Candace L

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Cucumber Dressing

Cucumber Dressing by Mary Dunham

This easy receipe is wonderful to add to any leafy green salad, vegetables, chicken or turkey salad.

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Arugula with Packham Pears and Borage Blossoms

Arugula with Packham Pears and Borage Blossoms by Warren Weber

Nutty arugula and sweet pears make this salad an excellent after-dinner course. Prepare the salad before dinner; a squeeze of lime over the pears will keep them from darkening. Bartlett, Comice, or Bosc pears can be substituted for the Packhams. Select ripe pears that are firm but not mushy. Dress with Pear Vinaigrette.

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Meatless Humpday! Not Your Grandpas' Spinach Salad!

Meatless Humpday! Not Your Grandpas' Spinach Salad! by kathy gori

Who says the only meatless day is Monday? The middle of the week, when things get crazy is also the time for something fast and simple that doesn't involve turning on the stove. This is about a spinach salad that makes up in minutes, has interesting flavors and is not like your average spinach salad. I learned about this from one of…

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Fresh Veggie Egg Salad

Fresh Veggie Egg Salad by Chef Feiny

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Mustard Dressed Peach Salad

Mustard Dressed Peach Salad by Hungry Jenny

This would also work pretty nicely with mandarin segments instead of peach, if preferred

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Asian Veggie Pasta

Asian Veggie Pasta by Julie M.

A simple and versatile summertime dish

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Tomato and Mozzarella Salad

Tomato and Mozzarella Salad by Jennifer Sikora

If you are looking for a lighter, healthier salad, then this one is for you! Comprised of tomatoes, mozzarella and a few choice spices for flavor, this salad is delicious and healthy!

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