Country Fried Chicken Gizzards

Country Fried Chicken Gizzards by Smokinhotchef

From the familiar to the not so much! There has always been a push to waste nothing in lieu of sustaining life and feeding one's family. In that quest, we entertain all aspects of and parts of animals as possible fuel for the body. Offal and sweet breads have been on the tables of fine dining restaurants for many a year with…

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The Best Chicken 65 ! First TRY ! Ever Successful !

The Best Chicken 65 ! First TRY ! Ever Successful ! by SHYARI

Chicken 65 is an Indo-Chinese recipe. Well, I heard different stories about the origin of the recipe name chicken 65- like this recipe is made out of 65 spices; in the restaurant menu, this dish was placed in 65th list and the best of all is once u place an order of chicken 65, u will get it only exactly after 65…

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Korean Extra Crispy Fried Chicken

Korean Extra Crispy Fried Chicken by jason kim

Here is another super-crispy fried chicken recipe that we made recently along with a sweet n tangy sauce. We wanted to do a double-fry technique that Korean fried chicken is known for, giving the wings an extra crispy texture and a crackle that's unforgettable to those who have never experienced Korean fried chicken...........full…

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Buffalo Wings

Buffalo Wings by John Elder

Restaurant style Buffalo wings.

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oats n corn fried chicken

oats n corn fried chicken by sunil k.nayar

chicken dip in the batter and coated with oats and crushed corn flakes and deep fry.

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Almond Chicken Wings With Plum Orange Sauce

Almond Chicken Wings With Plum Orange Sauce by Robyn Savoie

You can prepare these chicken wings before a party. Cook them just before serving, and reheat the sauce in the microwave to a warm serving temperature.

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Aunt Edna's Pan Fried Chicken (NYTimes Recipe)

Aunt Edna's Pan Fried Chicken (NYTimes Recipe) by Kelly Christensen

In this recipe, Edna Lewis and Scott Peacock call for an overnight brine for the chicken and a further buttermilk bath that should last for 8 to 12 hours. That’s a lot of unattended prep time before you get around to frying them in a slurry of lard and butter flavored with country ham. This is a time commitment, but the result —…

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Treat for the Holy Month… Bread Rolls!

Treat for the Holy Month… Bread Rolls! by Sania Imam

I learned this recipe from my dear eldest sister, who in turn learned it from a cousin of ours. I loved having these rolls when my sister used to make them and once she got married, I tried and started making them myself. After getting married myself, every tea/ dinner party I host, I almost always make these rolls and (please don't…

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Spicy Chicken Wings

Spicy Chicken Wings by Marla Nichols

Asian-influenced spicy, sweet, chicken wings.

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Kolkata's Famous Egg Devil

Kolkata's Famous Egg Devil by Moumita Ghosh

This devils are made with half hard boiled eggs, wrapped with potato mixture, dipped in batter, coated with bread crumbs and then deep fried.

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Thai style fried chicken

Thai style fried chicken by Navaneetham Krishnan

"munchy punchy" crispy fried chicken.

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spicy chicken fry

spicy chicken fry by sunil k.nayar

chicken pieces marinate with spice and deep fried

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ciken lalipop

ciken lalipop by partha

chiken lalipop make in chiken wing let .this itam good snakas in cocktel party .

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Roadhouse chicken strips

Roadhouse chicken strips by Donna

made from 1 boneless breast

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Easy Country Style Chicken in 20 minutes

Easy Country Style Chicken in 20 minutes by Helenscooking

This recipe was overlooked at Restaurant impossible TV program, I added my personal touches to it and it came out great. To define great I will explain: my fiancé, who doesn’t like chicken, was consuming it, as if it was his favorite sausage, not a chicken… I used cornmeal here, because I love adding it to my pies and muffins, but…

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