Loaded Lobster Mashed Potatoes lets Tongues Romance with Taste

Loaded Lobster Mashed Potatoes lets Tongues Romance with Taste by Make Smith

Loaded Lobster Mashed Potatoes is an American delight from the Holy Grail of lobster recipes. A side dish, it offers healthy culinary enjoyment for the tongue that better rhymes with taste. Loaded Lobster Mashed Potatoes is savory to the utmost extent.

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Mafroum - Moroccan Stuffed Potatoes

Mafroum - Moroccan Stuffed Potatoes by Miriam Kresh

Potatoes stuffed delicately with meat and herbs and simmered in a rich tomato sauce.

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Vegetarian Chilli Shepherds Pie

Vegetarian Chilli Shepherds Pie by Ian Dixon

Now those who have read previous articles by me on the subject of Shepherds Pie may be slightly surprised at this recipe. How can there possibly be a Chilli Shepherds Pie and made with Vegetarian mince too? Well everybody knows that a true Shepherds Pie is made with minced lamb. The word Shepherd does after all mean a sheep herder.…

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Hot Dog Casserole

Hot Dog Casserole by Chef Roach

With the ingredients in this recipe the final result for the taste is that of Deviled Eggs. I sometimes grate some cheddar cheese and mix in before cooking. Its an easy meal to fix after working in the yard in the fall.

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Ground Beef Mozzarella Potatoes Au Gratin

Ground Beef Mozzarella Potatoes Au Gratin by Wendi Taylor

This twist on the classic recipe turns a typical side dish into a main course. You can substitute 1 lb fully cooked chopped ham or 1 lb fully cooked diced chicken breast or the ground beef.

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Boiled potatoes with onion and rosemary

Boiled potatoes with onion and rosemary by Gourmandelle LifestyleBlog

I wanted something cooked but cooked fast and the word “potatoes” popped into my mind. I have about a sack full of baby potatoes from my boyfriend’s parents garden so I have to eat in this period a lot more potatoes that I usually eat, because I don’t want them to spoil. This dish was very tasty! Potatoes are great in general, but…

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Kassler and Douphinoise Potato Bake

Kassler and Douphinoise Potato Bake by Peter Brown

Smoked pork and potatoes cooked any way always taste great served together and in this dish is a classic example of combining French-style baked potatoes with German smoked pork chops.

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Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes & Ham

Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes & Ham by Culinary Envy

Cheesy Scalloped Potatoes & Ham layered casserole dish features buttery potatoes and sweet hickory ham baked in a double jack & cheddar cheese sauce. It’s a quick and easy recipe that’s perfect this time of year as a holiday side dish, or delicious anytime as a cozy meal on a chilly night!

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Bernese Rösti

Bernese Rösti by Marc Enggist

Typical Swiss Potato Recipe

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Chicken wings in BBQ sauce with roasted potato.

Chicken wings in BBQ sauce with roasted potato. by Helenscooking

I bet you love chicken wings and roasted potato. The recipe is inspired by necessity to cook something fast and easy. Roasted potato is a recipe of my Italian friend and wings’ recipe is borrowed from one diner. It’s literally more efforts to eat than to cook. (Just remember if you want them even more delicious marinade the wings…

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Stuffed Baked Potato Make Over

Stuffed Baked Potato Make Over by Carolinaheartstrings

I love a stuffed baked potato. I love them at a steak house and I love them made at home. But… my love of such things has the scale groaning and inspired by Tammie’s incredible weight loss in 2012 I am determined to eat at least a little bit better this year! So… it’s make-over time. I really wasn’t sure if this was going to be…

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Savory Country Style Corned Beef Hash

Savory Country Style Corned Beef Hash by Smokinhotchef

This recipe is a simple satisfying and quick meal. Canned corn beef is matched with potatoes, onions and green pepper for chunky forks full of flavor. With time constraints as well as trying to pinch pennies, it's nice to know you can happily create a meal for at least 4 people with just 1 can. Served simply with buttered or olive…

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Hash Brown Cheese Pizza

Hash Brown Cheese Pizza by "Cheffie Cooks"

Fun pizza for a Friday movie night in.

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Potato dumplings

Potato dumplings by Mary Shaldibina

This is traditional Ukrainian dish. It is not easy as it requires some hand work. But ingredients are cheap. The dish is light and goes well with sour cream, pepper or butter.

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Irish Twice Stuffed Potato

Irish Twice Stuffed Potato by Culinary Envy

Irish Twice Stuffed Potato is the ultimate in cheesy, creamy, buttery goodness. The crispy potato shell bursts with a meaty stuffing to make this one delicious meal that will send you over the pot of gold!

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