Refreshing Eggplant Sandwich

Refreshing Eggplant Sandwich by Nanette

It doesn't get easier than this, nor more delicious. It is light and refreshing. I love it with a cup of soup, whatever kind you like. To make it even easier, I buy slices of breaded eggplant from a very good deli. Be sure they are sliced thin. If you'd rather fry your own (or bake them) I included a quick recipe at the bottom of the…

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Fresh Basil Pesto

Fresh Basil Pesto by SpaghettiandChopsticks

Delicious and healthy basil pesto that will make your stomach smile!

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Weight Watchers Chicken Mozzarella Melts

Weight Watchers Chicken Mozzarella Melts by Recipe Kitchen

Healthy Chicken Breast Strips Coated With Spaghetti Sauce On Top Of Toasted Italian Bread.

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No-Cook Pizza Sauce

No-Cook Pizza Sauce by Nick Webster

Never buy jarred pizza sauce again! It’s so easy to make it homemade, you’ll save money and have a sauce that is exactly the way you like it. I’m providing a great recipe here, but you can always adjust the seasonings to find your perfect blend. It’s easy to keep on hand for pizza-lovers, or if you enjoy pizza less frequently, it…

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Meatball Sub Sandwich

Meatball Sub Sandwich by Mike

Name says it all

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