Giggling Gourmet's "Don Quixote's Boca de Fuego!" Hot Sauce

Giggling Gourmet's "Don Quixote's Boca de Fuego!" Hot Sauce by Giggling Gourmet

For those that like it hot: Here's a hot sauce personal favorite of my own design that I have been working on over the years, it has a nice kick, fresh taste & creamy texture and we use it on just about everything! Enjoy!

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Fresh Cilantro Pesto

Fresh Cilantro Pesto by Melanie Yunk

Since most of my recipes use only a few sprigs of cilantro, I decided to make a pesto using the rest of the bunch. You can use this sauce on fish, chicken or try it on a pizza or in a taco! Add a little white wine vinegar to make a delicious salad dressing too!

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Pasta With Smoky Chipotle Sauce

Pasta With Smoky Chipotle Sauce by Rawfully Tempting

Raw Vegan (or gently warmed) - rich, creamy, smoky and QUICK!

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Weir Dough for Pizza

Weir Dough for Pizza by Joanne Weir

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Tonnarelli cacio e pepe

Tonnarelli cacio e pepe by Frank Fariello

Cacio e pepe, literally 'cheese and pepper', is a very typical Roman dish, usually made with spaghetti, bucatini or—for the ne plus ultra version of this dish—tonnarelli, a kind of square spaghetti made with egg pasta popular in Lazio and Abruzzo, as well parts of Molise, Puglia and Le Marche.

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Dry Rub For Pulled Pork

Dry Rub For Pulled Pork by Ben

This dry rub will take your pulled pork to a whole new level! With eight different spices, you can't go wrong.

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Tuna and Fruit Sandwiches

Tuna and Fruit Sandwiches by RecipeKing

Tuna and Fruit Sandwiches is a delicious, easy and quick (10) minute recipe. The main ingredients of Canned tuna, apples, almonds, pineapple and Cheddar cheese in French rolls for a delicious and also generally healthy meal. It is low in calories, fat, cholesterol and carbohydrates. A Weight Watchers (8) PointsPlus recipe.

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Vangi Bhath

Vangi Bhath by Rumana Ambrin Rawat (My Blog:

Vangi Bhat is a delicious one pot meal. It is a wonderful combination of eggplant and rice combined with lovely aromatic spices. This is a typical Maharashtrian specialty but enjoyed throughout Southern India as well.

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No-Cook Pizza Sauce

No-Cook Pizza Sauce by Nick Webster

Never buy jarred pizza sauce again! It’s so easy to make it homemade, you’ll save money and have a sauce that is exactly the way you like it. I’m providing a great recipe here, but you can always adjust the seasonings to find your perfect blend. It’s easy to keep on hand for pizza-lovers, or if you enjoy pizza less frequently, it…

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Fruit and Nuts Salad

Fruit and Nuts Salad by RecipeKing

Fruit and Nuts Salad is a delicious, easy and quick 10 minute recipe for a light meal that is also a healthy, low calories, low fat, low cholesterol, low sodium, low carbohydrates, low sugars, diabetic, heart-healthy and WeightWatchers (5) PointsPlus recipe. Ingredients: Mandarin oranges, red raspberries, almonds and Mozzarella cheese…

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Zucchini Fettuccine al Pesto

Zucchini Fettuccine al Pesto by CrunchyLettuce

Who doesn’t crave pasta? I certainly do. Classic comfort food, right? But no one wants to wake up in the morning with carb face :) The solution: raw zucchini “noodles”! Don’t underestimate the simplicity of this dish. This pesto really is delicious. And the noodle texture is surprisingly similar to regular fettuccine noodles.

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Dry Rub

Dry Rub by John Greenler

I use this rub for fish, Chicken, Pork and Beef.

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Giggling Gourmet's Sofrito Recipe

Giggling Gourmet's Sofrito Recipe by Giggling Gourmet

Here is a base Sofrito recipe from our family lineage, this batch will make relatively 8 Cups of Sofrito give or take. This sofrito always stays very fresh and is long tasting and can be used in a myriad range of recipes. I have included it here to compliment my Sancocho recipe, enjoy!

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Fried Rice With Plantains & Grilled King Prawns

Fried Rice With Plantains & Grilled King Prawns by Amelia Thong

Gourmet meal from my kitchen. Recipe from my Canadian friend.

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Thai Mee Hoon Kerabu (Salad)

Thai Mee Hoon Kerabu (Salad) by Navaneetham Krishnan

a perfect sumptuous dish with chillies, limau purut/kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass and the ever common Malaysian and Thai ingredients.

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