Grilled Tandoori Turkey Tenderloin

Grilled Tandoori Turkey Tenderloin by Bob Vincent

This is a fun rendition of Tandoori. It is adapted from a recipe in Cuisine At Home seven years ago. Since most people don't have a tandoor; a wood clay oven, similar results can be obtained by grilling the turkey on high heat. Don't be put off by the amount of spices used. Combined with the yogurt and sour cream for the marinade…

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Lamb Burger Patties

Lamb Burger Patties by Kelsey Martin

These Lamb Burgers will beat a Big Mac anyday!

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Jamaican Steak with Citrus Salsa

Jamaican Steak with Citrus Salsa by Robyn Savoie

Caribbean cooking is getting hotter and hotter, and our Jamaican Steak is sure to add a tropical touch to your meal without you having to pack a bag to leave home. This easy steak recipe is like a vacation for our taste buds.

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Asian Grilled Chicken

Asian Grilled Chicken by RecipeKing

Asian Grilled Chicken-is an easy recipe for a spicy, sweet and citrus flavored chicken option. Seasoned with Asian seasoning and a honey and orange marinade for your spring and summer cookout options. It takes only 18 minutes on the grill. It is also a healthy, low calories, low fat, low sodium, low carbohydrates and a Weight Watchers…

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Crispy Chicken-Kiwi Tacos

Crispy Chicken-Kiwi Tacos by Robyn Savoie

Kiwi and mango fruit lend a freshness to this cumin-seasoned grilled chicken, lettuce and cheese medley.

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Honey~Cumin Seasoned and Grilled (Boneless) Chicken Breasts

Honey~Cumin Seasoned and Grilled (Boneless) Chicken Breasts by "Cheffie Cooks"

Great weekend meal my family loves. I serve with three side sauces to choose from!

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Grilled Spicy Chicken

Grilled Spicy Chicken by Elena Jimenez

This chicken recipe is full of spice and flavor.

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Grilled Lamb With Tequila And Chipotle Rub

Grilled Lamb With Tequila And Chipotle Rub by Robyn Savoie

This lamb offers a change of pace from the classic grilled steak. It is best to start this marinating at home and grill when you get to the a race track, tailgate party or picnic.

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Grilled Cajun Steaks

Grilled Cajun Steaks by RecipeKing

Grilled Cajun Steaks is an easy and quick 21 minute recipe that you’ll want to consider for your outdoor grilling rotation. This would be a good option for Father’s Day, 4th of July, birthdays holiday, large gathering, event or celebration. Beef strip steaks with a brown sugar and Cajun seasoning rub, cooked over an outdoor grill and…

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None Left Beef Brisket

None Left Beef Brisket by Just Cookin'

This is the best tasting brisket you will ever eat. Every time I make it, it's gone in a hurry and there's none left. Preparation takes a while and so does cooking it, but is well worth the trouble. I found a couple of different recipes to cook brisket, put them together and modified the recipe to finally come up with the one…

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Southwestern Turkey Burger

Southwestern Turkey Burger by Curt Despres

This weekend, my wife and I got creative. We bought some ground turkey and decided that we would each make up our own recipe. My wife likes the more subtle flavors. When I say that, I don’t mean boring, I mean she just tends to put flavors together in a more subtle way, where I tend to get a little carried away. So let’s take a…

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Barbecued Leg of Lamb

Barbecued Leg of Lamb by Vivien

Barbecued leg of lamb marinated overnight in at tangy marinade.

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Grilled Turkey Meatloaf

Grilled Turkey Meatloaf by Desert Panz

This receipe has a lot of flavor with a kick. The inclusion of rice bread crumbs is because my Babe is celiac.

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Damn Fine Pokin' Ribs

Damn Fine Pokin' Ribs by Michael Douglas

So I didn't win the rib cook-off. But I finished a strong a lady that caters southern-oriented events professionally. I wasn't that far I'm pretty pleased with myself. I got lots of wonderful comments...and the husband of the company vice-president has resorted to begging for the recipe! I have only used it on…

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Caribbean Shirmp

Caribbean Shirmp by John Spottiswood

This sweet and spicy shrimp will keep you coming back for more. It's seductively simple but very flavorful. It goes very well with blackeyed peas and rice!

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