Salmon Patties Like Mom’s - well sorta!

Salmon Patties Like Mom’s - well sorta! by Salad Foodie

My siblings and I just loved salmon patties in the “good old days.” Mom was in the workforce so the pantry was always stocked with canned salmon for this quick-to-fix meal. There were five of us, and the recipe using one can (then 16 ounces) made 5 patties. This version is close to Mom’s, but overtime I tweaked it to my liking. It’s…

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Arangini.....or Rice Balls....or Werewolf balls....I'm not sure

Arangini.....or Rice Balls....or Werewolf balls....I'm not sure by Michael Swiney

The German Goddess and I were discussing food one day, as happens a few times a week. On day I was making something that she couldn't pronounce and she just deadpanned "Dracula's Balls?" Ummm.....Noooo, but that's what we'll call it from now on. K?…

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Chicken Adobo

Chicken Adobo by Julie Saqueton

For a delicious variation of "meat and potatoes" try this saucy, flavorful version of a filipino favorite, served over rice.

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My Asian Fried Fish Fillet

My Asian Fried Fish Fillet by Marelie

Here's my recipe for today. I am proud of this recipe because it is personal, I made it. Honestly, its not bad cause it is the worst batter in the whole world! lol! It will make you crazy and you will find yourself in the end frying more aside from fish..but you should do it after frying the fish. You can fry slices of potato, sweet…

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Potato Pancakes

Potato Pancakes by Gretchen Wasniewski

Simple and filling meal.

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Chickpeas Veggie Burger Patties

Chickpeas Veggie Burger Patties by Gourmandelle LifestyleBlog

This recipe is perfect for camping trips because it doesn’t spoil fast and it is also very filling. I don’t normally fry veggies but I had to finish this dish super-fast and I chose the easy but not-so-healthy path. Anyway, even though I fried the burgers I used a small amount of oil and I also fried them for a very short time. The…

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Lemon Chicken

Lemon Chicken by Chez la mere

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Mama's Tuna Patties

Mama's Tuna Patties by Miss Polly Motzko

My mom used to make Tuna Patties when I was growing up and then I made them when I was married. When you make them up in advance you can make sandwiches out of them later or just heat them up for a nutritious lunch or dinner. Also, I’ve substituted crab for the tuna making Crab Cakes that are really good! As good as any restaurant in…

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Salmon Patties

Salmon Patties by Carolina Create

I love these salmon patties and make them often.

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