Autentica " Pasta alla contadina "

Autentica " Pasta alla contadina " by CHEFMAURIZIO

Recipe of Calabria. We are in southern Italy. A recipe that my mother gave me and that I have taken over the tradition. Calabria is known for its natural beauty, but also for the use of chili peppers, very spicy in the area. This recipe is therefore a little spicy. Warning to those who do not like. The recipe is simple.

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Pane ZICHI al ragu' di cinghiale

Pane ZICHI al ragu' di cinghiale by Gianfranco Pulina

Un piatto molto antico legato fortemente alla cultura gastronomica sarda!!! Povero ,ma unico nela sua specie in quanto e' l'unico pane che si cucina come la pasta!!!!! Ormai rivisitato in chiave moderna ,si spazia da ricette a base di terra per finire in fantastici abbinamenti con pesce e verdure di stagione......

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Grilled Basil Pesto Panini

Grilled Basil Pesto Panini by Bonnie Loubier

Create a delicious grilled panini sandwich that just melts in your mouth. This panini has fresh basil pesto, fresh tomatoes, and cheese on a bread of your choice.

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Winter Squash Alfredo Pasta

Winter Squash Alfredo Pasta by Marla

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Maccheroni al limone. Sardinia Island.

Maccheroni al limone. Sardinia Island. by CHEFMAURIZIO

Sardinia, a beautiful island. I've always tried to understand his people and of course cuisine. It was not easy, but I think I have succeeded almost entirely. The people of Sardinia, is a bit closed, but very generous, as well as superb cuisine. Sardinian cuisine has influences from Spain and Genoa. The ingredients are simple, the sea…

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Grilled Roasted Peppers How too

Grilled Roasted Peppers How too by Claudia lamascolo

Here is the best way to eat peppers roasted, they are made on the grill. If you love peppers try these instructions.

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Healthy Baked Roasted Eggplant

Healthy Baked Roasted Eggplant by Claudia lamascolo

A delicious eggplant that's healthy and delicious take a look at this simple recipe

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Grilled Veggie Sandwiches

Grilled Veggie Sandwiches by RecipeKing

Grilled Veggie Sandwiches is an easy and quick recipe for a delicious and healthy, low calories, low fat, No-Cholesterol, low sodium, Vitamin-Enriched meal. Ingredients include: Mushrooms, bell pepper onion, eggplant and Mozzarella cheese on whole wheat bread for a delicious, heart-healthy, vegetarian and Weight Watchers (7)…

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Fettuccini with Basil and Olive Oil

Fettuccini with Basil and Olive Oil by ShaleeDP

An easy pasta recipe that kids and adults will surely love. One of my favorite pasta treat!

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Easy Pasta Casserole

Easy Pasta Casserole by Nazzareno Casha

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Smoked salmon ,horseradish dill cream

Smoked salmon ,horseradish dill cream by CHEF ASHRAF ABD ALEEM ELKHARBOTLY

Smoked salmon ,horseradish dill cream

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Spaghetti alle vongole (alla Posillipo con guscio)

Spaghetti alle vongole (alla Posillipo con guscio) by Ugo D'Orso

Piatto di facile esecuzione. Classico della cucina napoletana realizzato con le vongole "veraci" (quelle con le antenne staccate) -

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Colombo® Marsala and Apricot Glazed Meatball Sub

Colombo® Marsala and Apricot Glazed Meatball Sub by TheRecipeHunter

Food bloggers from across the country were approached for this competition, and I was chosen to be one of 12 finalists to compete in the 3rd Annual Colombo Marsala & Toscana Saporita Recipe Challenge! This means that Colombo provided me with their marsala wines and compensated me for my groceries needed to create an original and…

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Pasta with Cabbage

Pasta with Cabbage by Tania Mattiello

"Sweet" and light pasta dish!

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Mediterranean spinach souffle' in filo pastry

Mediterranean spinach souffle' in filo pastry by Alida

Souffle' can be savoury or sweet and its consistency should be fluffy and soft. You can make your souffle' by using your favourite ingredients and by adding the firmly beaten white of the eggs at the end. The heat of the oven will cause the air trapped in the egg white to expand, making the soufflé rise. It is very important…

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