Hot Spiced Apricot Apple Cider for Halloween and Thanksgiving!

Hot Spiced Apricot Apple Cider for Halloween and Thanksgiving! by Salad Foodie

This easy hot spiced cider is perfect for fall events and couldn't be simpler to make. Just heat the 4 ingredients in your crock pot or heat in a pan on the stovetop if time is short.

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Shakanjbeen (Lemonade)

Shakanjbeen (Lemonade) by miansari66

This shakanjbeen is very usefull in hot and humid day.

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The Cran-Banana Smoothie

The Cran-Banana Smoothie by Nicole Cormier, RD

Pull out your blender and get ready to blend it up! There are an abundance of ingredients that will awaken your taste buds, but will also rejuvenate your cells, organs and muscles at the same time. So, read on to find out what are the best foods to add to your blender! This week, I enjoyed a smoothie for breakfast after an hour walk…

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Ginger Lemongrass Tea

Ginger Lemongrass Tea by simply beautiful and healthy living

Haven't been feeling well for the past 2 weeks and at the same time I felt bloated on and off. It's quite uncomfortable. Then it crossed my mind that I should make Ginger Lemongrass Tea as this is a very popular natural home remedy for bloating and indigestion. It is very easy to prepare and delicious too!

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kamagra by Kenneth Desuza

Es gibt auch Websites für den Verkauf solcher Medikamente allein gewidmet. Der Hauptgrund, warum Menschen Kamagra Shop Online Ansatz, ist, dass sie die Identität der Menschen, die kaufen der Medizin nicht offen legen.

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Cucumber - Lemongrass Lemonade

Cucumber - Lemongrass Lemonade by Hina Gujral

After my first successful experimentation with cocktail recipe (Hot Apple Toddy) I am on a high spirit to style and shoot more and more drinks, sometimes when first trial comes out well it in a way gives you so much confidence to explore new horizons of possibilities and opportunities. Likewise, I always confined my blog to non…

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Limeade Fizzler

Limeade Fizzler by "Cheffie Cooks"

Refreshing spring/summer non alcoholic drink, using my fresh limes

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Watermelon Popsicle

Watermelon Popsicle by Ranjani

Watermelon popsicles – Ice pops made from fresh watermelon puree. Simple to make with two ingredients watermelon and sugar. Rose essence is for additional flavor . Its optional to add. We can make with the addition of lemon too. This home made popsicles are good to enjoy in summer.

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Refreshing Iced tea

Refreshing Iced tea by Prachi

Who wouldn't want the Iced tea with little spicy zesty taste in each sip in hot weather.

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Blend tea of Green and Rosemary

Blend tea of Green and Rosemary by Csthay

Afternoon tea with green tea and rosemary with lemon zest(skin).

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Get Your Glow On:Raw Almond Milk

Get Your Glow On:Raw Almond Milk by River Trekker

Get your vitamin E and Omega's. Also protein. If you are a clean eater, vegan/vegetarian,don't over worry about calories and fats. This is so healthy. I promise it won't turn into cellulite! It will do the opposite and clean the system. All things in moderation though. ;) Use this recipe to replace dairy milk and (soy milk).…

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Tropical Dream Smoothie

Tropical Dream Smoothie by ChaCha Can Cook

This smoothie is refreshing and not too sweet and can be converted into a cocktail by adding some rum. Yum!!!

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Virgin Manhattan

Virgin Manhattan by Andrew Gluntz

It tastes just like the real thing, just without the booze. Quick and simple, yet refreshing and delicious.

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Rockin' Shamrock Shake Smoothie

Rockin' Shamrock Shake Smoothie by Jessica Efird

A delicious, minty, healthy twist on a favorite shake. Full of delicious veggies and fruits, but sweet!

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Maple Maca Mocha

Maple Maca Mocha by Denise C.

A warm creamy beverage with the delicious flavors of cocoa, maple, and vanilla, with the earthy addition of maca.

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