Dr. Vivien's Hot Toddy

Dr. Vivien's Hot Toddy by Vivien

Comfort drink when you are feeling sorry for yourself. A few years ago, my mentor, a French physician, sounded hoarse and strained. He had a bad cold and was feeling poorly. He longed for a hot toddy and to go to bed. Today, I felt like he did and decided to improvise my own version of hot Toddy. Ginger tea, known in the Philippines…

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Fresh Indian Style Vegan Chai

Fresh Indian Style Vegan Chai by FromScratch Sarah

My friend Shikha has been teaching me her indian(southern I think?) recipes, but she uses organic milk, and as all indians do when they take anything hot...LOTS of sugar. I am sure I am not doing it 100% the same way she would, but it tastes nearly the same, and authentic. Thanks Shikha

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Granny's Ginger Beer

Granny's Ginger Beer by Judy fraschia

This ginger beer is getting better with age, and can be prepared for family gatherings, festivals, or sold at fetes, etc.

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