Kala Jamun

Kala Jamun by vidhya

Kala Jamun are dark colored (almost black) gulab jamuns made from paneer and khoya and then deep fried and coated with sugar syrup. Khoya is similar to Ricotta cheese, is commonly used to prepare many sweets and in some vegetable gravies. The major differences between Gulab Jamuns other than the appearance is the inclusion of Khoya…

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Frittelle veneziane

Frittelle veneziane by Shawnna and Davide Busetti

Carnevale (aka Mardi Gras) season is an enormous tourist attraction in Venice. It is a time for festivities which include the amazingly beautiful Venetian masks, but also a whole host of foods that are part of the tradition. Fritoe or frittelle alla Veneziana are similar to a doughnut or fritter. The recipe makes a lot, so it's a…

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Ondeh Ondeh (Glutinous balls filled with palm sugar)

Ondeh Ondeh (Glutinous balls filled with palm sugar) by Navaneetham Krishnan

Ondeh ondeh is sweet, delicious and the first bite will accentuate a delightful burst of gooey palm sugar.

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Donut Cakes

Donut Cakes by ShaleeDP

Easy and yummy!

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